10 Biggest Lottery Jackpots Ever Won

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By Sumit Singh

Have you ever thought of becoming a millionaire overnight? Being victorious in a lottery jackpot is a way to make your dream a reality! The biggest lotteries offer lakhs or crores of cash to jackpot winners. Lottery games are famous and a source of entertainment where many participate to win big and change their lives. India has many international and national lottery games, the most popular being Punjab, Maharashtra, Kerala lottery, etc. This write-up includes the top 10 lottery jackpots ever won, which may inspire you to participate in lotteries.

  1. Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire Lottery

    A couple from Mumbai, Raju and Mala Jagasia, made headlines when they won a whopping Rs.17 crore in the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi DutyFree Millennium Millionaire Lottery. The couple’s astounding win brought a massive transformation in their lives. The businessman and homemaker duo encountered financial struggles before this unanticipated win. With this huge win, they could repay their debts, invest in various business ventures, and contribute to charitable causes. Their story is evidence of the biggest power of lottery wins and its positive impact.

  2. Kerala State Lottery

    A school teacher from Kerala, K Janardhan, experienced a life-changing situation when he emerged victorious with an outstanding 12 crore rupees in the Kerala lottery. In addition to bringing financial security, his spectacular win paved the way for new opportunities. He donated to charitable causes in education, healthcare, etc., that transformed many people’s lives. So, you may also give the Kerala lottery a try.

  3. Maharashtra State Lottery

    A farmer won an exhilarating seven crore rupees in the Maharashtra State Lottery. This allowed him to improve his agricultural practices, extend farming operations, and secure a better future for his family. S. Nambalakottai could develop farming methods that resulted in rising productivity and profitability. His victory illustrates that lottery wins can bring substantial positive changes.

  4. West Bengal State Lottery

    A homemaker from Andhra Pradesh won an exemplary five crore rupees in the West Bengal State Lottery. Before winning the lottery, G. Lakshmi Bai faced financial issues. After winning the lottery, she could contribute to her children’s education, make investments, and guarantee a more comfortable life for her family members. Her story proves the empowering nature of lottery jackpots, allowing people to get over financial struggles and secure a good future.

  5. Punjab State Bumper Lottery

    A daily wage labourer from the southern state of Tamil Nadu had struck by winning four crore rupees in the Punjab State Lottery. With his lottery winnings, he could uplift his living standard, invest in a small business, and secure his and his family’s financial future. His story elucidates the life-changing power of lottery jackpots, giving people the means to break free from the cycle of financial crunch and create a better life.

  6. Sikkim State Lottery 

    A salesman named V Rajesh from the southern state of Kerala won a jackpot of one crore rupees in the Sikkim State Lottery. His remarkable win brought a huge change in his life. He used his winnings to set up his business venture, support his family, and secure his future. The salesman’s story exemplifies the potential of lottery jackpots to pursue dreams and positively impact lives.

  7. Thirovam Bumper Lottery 

    A temple worker from Udupi in Kerala won an alluring Rs. 12 crores in the Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery on 21st September 2022. He purchased a lottery ticket from a lottery agent before the draw date. With the winning amount, he planned to set up a business and invest in a residential property near Ernakulam.

  8. 14th Playwin Sikkim Super Lotto 

    M Bensraj took part in the 14th Playwin Sikkim Super Lotto 2002, one of the biggest lottery jackpots. The whopping prize of five crore rupees made it one of the most significant lottery jackpots ever won in recent times.

  9. Lottoland India   

    Partho Mondal, a customer care representative from Malda, West Bengal, who had been playing frequently at Lottoland India, won close to Rs.52 lakhs. He emerged victorious at Lotoland India’s exclusive game, Malamaal Daily. He selected the numbers with the help of a random number generator tool, which fetched him this jackpot. He said that with this jackpot, he would repay his debt and help his friends and family.

  10. Nagaland Jackpot Lottery

    A rickshaw driver named Gaur Das won a whopping fifty lakh rupees in the lottery jackpot prize in Nagaland on 29th September 2019. He bought the lottery ticket at Rs.30. He was returning home from a cancelled picnic when he bought the ticket. Later in the afternoon, he found he had won the first prize on the same day.

Lottery jackpots, including the Nagaland, Punjab, and Kerala lottery, can be life-changing for many. Winners come from different backgrounds and professions, such as lottery sellers, rickshaw drivers, doctors, engineers, etc. A few winners bought their tickets online, whereas others bought them from local agents. Some winners used their winning amount to help their loved ones, whereas others invested in charity or education. Although winning a lottery is challenging, the experience is amazing and can change the winner’s life. So, grasp the excitement, navigate the options on Jackpot Results, and join a lottery jackpot today for a chance to win!

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