7 ways to organize your apps

It is normal to feel flustered when apps pop into your face, and you can’t find that one app you were looking for.  There’s no denying that apps have brought a massive transformation in human lives. However, the collection of all these fantastic apps can cause a hot mess on your phone.

Trying to find one app in a mishmash of colorful icons can be pretty time-consuming. Weed out this problem by taking 15 minutes to clear the clutter, i.e., remove all the useless apps. Next, find an organizer for these apps in the marketplace.

Here are seven creative ways to organize apps on your smartphone:

  1. Action Categories

Default categories like “Productivity,” “Utilities,” and “Social” may not work for everyone. Instead, you can categorize apps based on the purpose they serve. For instance, you can name the folders with actions like “watch,” “learn,” or “play.” Such categorization will allow you to jump to the app you are looking for within a few seconds.

All you need is to create folders that reflect the best action word associated with the set of applications.

  1. Color Coding

You are probably already associating your favorite apps with the color of their icons. For instance, when looking for Snapchat, you scan a yellow rectangle with a white ghost-like feature. This happens because the human mind associates color much quicker than plain black and white labels. Colors also help to navigate the phone faster.

If you believe you are a visual learner, your organizational scheme can center around color. Thus, it would be helpful if you drag Facebook beside Twitter as both have a blue icon. This is a functional method for those who relate to the image of the app before its function.

  1. Alphabetical Order

Organizing apps alphabetically is the oldest yet most plausible method to date. You can achieve this when you reset the Home Screen. Just go to Settings and Reset the Home Screen Layout. The Apple default icons will stay at a similar location, while the rest will arrange in alphabetical order.

You can also organize apps alphabetically within the folders. It is essential not to create a barrier by storing hundreds of apps in one folder. This demeans the purpose of mobile apps, that is, to add value to our everyday lives.

  1. Frequency Used

We all have a bunch of apps that we rely on. Perhaps you use Uber every day, so you need it somewhere you can easily click on. Or some of us might be the gaming freaks who need their favorite game on their fingertips within a jiffy.

If you want to reduce the time spent searching for icons and make the most out of every second, organizing by frequency is the best option. One way to achieve this is by dividing apps according to the usage frequency.

The first screen can store the apps you use every day. Swipe to the next page, and you could have apps that you use a few times a week. On the third page, you could keep apps you use once in a while.

  1. Widgets Break Out

Widgets, used on Android, are one of the best ways to access a plethora of information. It enables you to plop a widget on one of your home screens to manage the space creatively.

Widgets have proven to be a great organizational tool for individuals who aim to access essential information without extra clicks. Make sure the apps you keep on these widgets (and your entire phone) are secure. Installing apps that follow an algorithm like airG scam-free apps, even though it happens only by a glitch, can relieve you the burden of removing bugs from your phone now and then.

  1. Emoji Folders

If you are one of the Millennials, you probably love the cute and funky emojis we have trending these days. Instead of using boring text description, you can opt to dazzle up the Home Screen with emojis. For instance, you can use the music-note symbol for the folder containing Soundcloud and Spotify.

If you feel emojis would look too childish, you can add cool names to tag the folders too. The possibilities here are endless!

  1. Hand Position

Another way to organize your apps is the way that you use apps. Every person may vary in their manner of holding the phone. You can manage your apps according to the position of your hand. Place the apps you use more often closer to the finger through which you operate the phone. It could be in alignment with your thumb or index finger.

This organizational scheme will increase the speed at which you operate the phone.

Final Thoughts

The cluster of apps on your phone might make you nervous and create inefficiencies. Once you have sorted apps according to your ease, you will find an overwhelming difference in your pace of work. We hope our blog helped you spot the organization way that fits with your requirements.

Let us know how it works out for you!

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