A Comprehensive Guide to Reading Your CIBIL Credit Report

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By priyankap

For effective money management and credit decision-making, comprehending your CIBIL credit report is essential. Your CIBIL credit report, which reflects your credit history, is crucial in determining your creditworthiness. There are many websites where you can do a free CIBIL score check and get your financial reports about the card. You can also get a report on the CIBIL score app. 

This detailed tutorial will assist you in understanding this important financial document. 

How Should You Read Your CIBIL Report?

You can check the free CIBIL score on the official website of the respective bank’s credit card you are using. CIBIL’s website and CIBIL score app are also there. Once you comprehend the many categories the CIBIL report is broken into, understanding it is not too harsh. 

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  • CIBIL Score

Your CIBIL score is located in the first part of the credit report. When assessing your loan application, lenders analyse your CIBIL score to establish how creditworthy you are. The three-digit number falls between 300 and 900. Your present responsibilities, prior payment history, payment bankruptcy, and credit card usage all go towards the range of your credit score.

  • Personal Information

Your personal information can include your voter ID, Aadhar number, PAN, driver’s license and other identification details. The credit history includes all these details. Your addresses, permanent and temporary, are also mentioned in the report. Your bank or an NBFC can use these details from your credit report to verify the details you provided to them. 

  • Contact Information

This section displays your email address, phone number, temporary location, fixed address, home address, and more. 

  • Employment Information

This part of your credit report includes information about your income and employment. CIBIL collects information about your previous jobs, how many jobs you have had, how long you have worked in each of your previous companies, details related to your current job, and so on. All this information helps companies evaluate your financial situation.

  • Account Information

The CIBIL report’s most significant portion is this one. Its contents greatly influence your credit score. It includes all the information about your past and present credit products. The part consists of a table with sections for the name of your lender, the kind of credit product, the ownership type, the number of the account, the date the account was opened, the loan amount, the date of the most recent payment, the outstanding balance, and monthly payment history. It includes DPD (Days Past Due), which indicates how many days remain until an account payment is due.

  • Red Box 

Inconsistencies in the account details are shown by a red box above “Account Details.” You may see a red box next to the fields that are in dispute when reading your CIBIL report. After the disagreement is resolved, you can ask to have the box deleted. You can do another free CIBIL score to see your updated credit rating.

  • Enquiry Information

This section includes details on any recent credit application-related queries you or lenders may have made. The lender does a CIBIL score check every time you submit a credit-related enquiry to learn more about your credit history. The credit report has a record of this investigation. Inquiring about credit too frequently in a short period shows that you are credit-hungry, which gives lenders reason to think you are a hazardous borrower.

The Best Techniques for Raising Your CIBIL Score

An outstanding CIBIL score is over 750. You can have trouble receiving loans if your credit score is below this. It is recommended to focus on raising your credit score before requesting a loan.

  • Paying finance bills on time and making regular loan repayments
  • Using credit cards responsibly and promptly clearing any outstanding balances
  • Using a trustworthy tool like the CIBIL score app to regularly check your credit rating and monitor changes over time
  • Check your creditworthiness with a free CIBIL score to start along the path to financial responsibility.


You can also discover your financial situation with a free CIBIL score check. Your credit report from CIBIL is a valuable resource that can affect your financial future. Keep an eye on it frequently, comprehend what it contains, and act proactively to keep a good credit score. You may make informed financial decisions and accomplish your financial objectives with the help of this information. Keep in mind that having a high credit score gives you access to more excellent credit prospects, so keep your finances in check by maintaining your CIBIL credit report wisely. Get a free CIBIL score analysis and take control of your financial destiny.

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