Airtel Digital TV Users Hit by Issue That Changes Subscriber Details


Airtel Digital TV users on Monday were annoyed by being shown a service message containing a resolution code. The message that included a complaint number and a resolution code emerged randomly on the TV screens of various Airtel Digital TV customers. Several affected users posted messages on social media complaining about the issue. Separately, some Airtel Digital TV users noticed a sudden change in subscriber details of their direct-to-home (DTH) connections. The users complained that their customer ID and registered mobile number got changed without any prior communication. Airtel acknowledged the issue on its Twitter support page.

User reports on Twitter suggested that the issue exists since around 8pm on Monday. Multiple users mentioned that they saw a screen showing a random complaint number and a resolution code. The screen with the complaint number and resolution code when a user files a complaint to the operator. However, the affected users stated that they were shown the screen for no reason — without raising any particular complaint. Some users also noticed that the consumer care helpline number was also not reachable.




The official Bharti Airtel India Twitter account while acknowledging the issue said that the pop-up message was due to a “technical glitch.” However, it didn’t provide any further details about the problem.

In addition to the resolution code message, several Airtel Digital TV users noticed that their subscriber details including the customer ID and registered mobile number got suddenly changed.




Gadgets 360 was able to verify the existence of the random resolution code message and replicate the change in subscriber details. Moreover, an email query sent to Airtel seeking clarity on the matter didn’t elicit a response at the time of filing this story.

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