Apple Music for Business Launched, Gives Retailers Licensed Music and Curated Playlists for Their Stores


Apple Music, the Cupertino-based company’s music streaming service, has thus far been for consumers only. Users with Apple accounts can sign up for the service and stream music from a huge catalogue, but it’s important to note that Apple Music is meant for personal listening only. If you run a retail store or a business which plays music, you need a special licence to be allowed to legally have music played at your location. The company’s latest product, Apple Music for Business, is aimed squarely at that segment.

Apple is now inviting enterprise brands to sign up for Apple Music for Business, which provides licensed music available for commercial use in retail locations through the company’s vast existing catalogue. Retail and commercial locations are required to sign up for special licenses to be allowed to play music, which typically had to be procured through special service providers till now. With the introduction of Apple Music for Business, the service will be easier to procure and manage.

Users can access and control their music playback at retail locations through a special app available for iPhone and iPad devices. Store managers can use the app to select and play music for their locations, and Apple is even providing curated playlists based on the profile of the retail store, ensuring that a hipster coffee shop won’t be provided a list of Bollywood classics, or an antique furniture store isn’t blaring K-Pop when you walk in. Pricing isn’t fixed, and Apple will provide a custom price to interested retailers when they sign up.

A report by the Wall Street Journal states that the service is already in use in Levi Strauss and Harrods stores, and these stores are also able to earn affiliate revenue from user sign-ups through in-store display ads for Apple Music. The service works through Play Network, a service provider that is working with Apple for retail soundtrack services. Spotify also has a business-based service available, which is priced from $5 per month.


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