Apple Music Takes on Spotify With New ‘Replay’ Feature That Lets You See Most-Played Songs From Each Year


Apple Music has launched a new feature to take on Spotify. A new feature called Music Replay will allow Apple Music subscribers to see all their favourite music from 2019. The feature closely resembles Spotify’s Wrapped feature with some changes. Apple Music Replay will let subscribers see which were the top songs that they played on repeat, how many albums they tried out, and more. The new feature shows up a user’s listening history across the year.

Subscribers can get a playlist of their top songs played in 2019 along with playlists for each year they’ve been subscribed to Apple Music. Apple Music also allows users to add these playlists to their library. Subscribers can also share these playlists, stream them, and listen to them offline as well.

Apple Music’s Replay will continue to update a user’s playlists all year long while Spotify’s Wrapped is simply a one-time playlist generation feature. Apple will update playlists based on Music Replay every Sunday.

To use the feature, Apple Music subscribers can visit this page and click on ‘Get Your Replay Mix’. The webpage will then generate an Apple Music subscriber’s personalised playlist consisting of all the most-played songs from 2019 so far. Users will also see playlists from previous years.

Apple Music Replay will also display a particular user’s top albums and artists from the year. This is the first time Apple Music is offering such a feature even though Spotify’s year-end Wrapped has been a popular tradition every year.

Last year, several third-party tools cropped up to generate year-end playlists for Apple Music. Some of those services didn’t quite work out as promised. However, this year, Apple Music has added a native functionality to let everyone view their listening data.


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