Cheat Sheet for Google Chrome


Unlike the other browsers that made a mark, with a slow and steady pace Google Chrome has hit the markets with a bang! As a matter of fact, Google Chrome is measured as one of the most instinctive browsers that is hard set as a standard of measurement in browser performance, speed and security. Count on the tips and tricks below to effectively make your experience more ideal!

Customize Many Pages at a Single Go: Why stick to the dead old saga of a single home page on start-up? Choose to load up multiple pages in an instant and you are off in getting the pages you want whenever you load your browser. Just point to the wrench tools, go to settings and under bascis click ‘open the following pages’ and you are on the go to add up multiple sites. Make sure that you don’t overload it with too many sites pr else the browser will be slow to load.

Manage your Tabs: Wondering which of your sites is consuming your memory? Catch the feeding pig by hitting Shift+Esc and open up the task manager that precisely displays the memory each of your tabs is actually eating away.

Test Each Version of Chrome: You can now access Chrome’s development channel that portrays new features that are being developed in an instant. If that is not what you are looking for, get hold of the Canary Build that instantly installs the latest features apart from the versions that you are actually using.

Create Shortcuts of your Favorite Pages: Linking to your favorite web pages is much easier. Just click on the star in the same bar that you typed in your website and you are ready to go.

Wondering How to Get Back? Navigated too much and wondering how to get back to the home page? Just click and hold the back button in Chrome and see what pages you have visited in a flick.

Edit Code Legally: With Chrome, you can edit the configuration of any page with ease to suit your local browser settings. Just right click on the page and alter the elements so that they are visible only to your browser settings.

Keep Track of the Load Time: Benchmark the load time to witness the time taken by certain web pages for loading. Make use of the inspect element option and head to the resources tab.

Keep up With Favicons: Now, what does it take to be a power surfer? The answer is customizing the tabs. And how better can it get when you can customize your tabs with the favicon features that are present. Right click on the favicon and select the Pin Tab option.

With all these Google Chrome’s tips and tricks, you are sure to make your browsing experience remarkable! If we have missed any tip, do tell us about it in the comments section.


Source by Jason Greenwell

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