Effective Ways of Blocking Ads on Peacock

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Some Peacock users find their streaming experience suboptimal due to a poor internet connection when using a VPN. There are other ways to block Peacocktv.com/tv ads, both free and paid, though we still recommend using a VPN to preserve your online privacy.

1. Upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus

The most convenient way to block ads on Peacock TV is to upgrade to the Peacock Premium Plus plan. Doing so dramatically reduces the number of ads displayed — though not all are removed, as some channels, shows, movies and live events will still have ads.

While they’re sparse, it’s still infuriating to pay so much and still see commercials. That’s why we recommend using an ad blocker to watch Peacock.com/tv , no matter what subscription plan you’re on.

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2. Use the Peacock TV Skipper Extension

The Peacock TV Skipper extension does more than block ads. It automatically skips recaps and intros, and fast forward to the next episode once the current one ends — all without you having to click or tap. There’s no need to click or tap manually if you have this extension.

Final Thoughts

Peacock Premium is Peacock’s ad-supported subscription, and upgrading to remove ads costs $6 more per month. Using an ad-blocking VPN or a Peacock ad-blocker extension can get rid of ads quickly. Some of these solutions are free to download, like uBlock Origin, AdGuard and Peacocktv.com/tv Skipper.

ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark are the best VPN candidates for the job. They get rid of ads effectively without taxing your system or introducing significant slowdowns. Upgrading to the Premium Plus plan always works, but it costs a lot and still displays some ads.

Looking to block annoying ads on other streaming platforms? We have full guides on how to block YouTube ads, Amazon Prime Video ads, Paramount Plus ads, Spotify ads and Netflix ads.

What VPNs did we miss? Do you know of other browser extensions to get rid of the commercials on Peacock? Tell us in the comments section below. Thank you for reading.

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