eSadar Plastic Helpful Washing Machine with Cellular Fan (17 Inch)

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Product Description


Washing clothes is an essential part of the daily Routine. However, washing them by hands after a tiring day or during the weekends can be tiresome. Additionally, it takes a lot of time as well. However, with the eSadar Handy Washing Machine, you are left with clean clothes every time. It has a capacity of upto 3 Kilograms and can handle a large number of clothes and similar other items at the same time. This handy washing machine also cleans uniformly and prevents the clothes from wear and tear. eSadar presents Handy Washing Machines comes with a patented technology of Swirl Pulsator and Timing belts. It is very easy to use and can be used at the same time of bathing. Owing to its compact design this washing machine from popular brand eSadar can be installed in any tight spaces. This home appliance has an ergonomic design and delivers powerful performance when it comes to cleaning clothes.


Tough. Ready. Scalable

Always on and always working, eSadar Handy Washing Machines are purpose-built for heavy duty operations. Reduce washing time and ensure peak performance under heavy loads with the agility of eSadar. It is suitable for washing 6 to 7 clothes at a time. It can wash all type of clothes like Shirts, Trousers, Sarees, T-shirt, Skirt, Jeans and more.


Clean Clothes within 3 Minutes

eSadar Handy Washing Machine with its High Speed Copper Winded motor cleans clothes within 3 minutes. It is made form Unbreakable High Density Nylon Crystals.




Timing Belt

Timing Belt

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

Tiradic Pulsator

Soft scrub pads will gently remove stubborn dirt. Powerful Swirl Jets will dislodge dirt from every corner of the fabric. Mechanical Centre Punch action pushes the dirt out of clothes.

Timing Belts

eSadar Handy Washing Machine comes with a unique patented technology along with Twin Timing Belts.

Heavy Duty Wash

eSadar Handy Washing Machine carries a 350 Watt Heavy Duty Copper Motor whereas other handy Washing Machine comes with a Aluminium Motor.


Saves Power

eSadar Handy Washing Machine saves a lot of power. This washing machine is portable in nature and takes up little space on the floor. eSadar Handy Washing Machine comes with a heavy duty copper motor of 350 Watts only.

Save TimeSave Time

Save TIme & Money

eSadar Handy Washing Machine saves time and money. It takes only 3 minutes to wash one round. So, apart from saving electricity bill it also saves your precious time. eSadar Handy Washing Machine consumes very less detergent as this fits in general bucket available in any home.

Replacement for Washing Machine
Handy & Portable
Easy to carry
Replaces Hand Washing


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