Gmail for iOS now lets users add attachments from Apple’s Files app


As Apple makes iOS and iPadOS more user-friendly with regard to sharing documents and files via third party applications, Gmail for iOS has finally integrated the option to add attachments in mails from Apple’s Files app from Gmail itself.

With the new update, Gmail users on both iOS and iPadOS will be able to directly add attachments from the Files app in iOS. Earlier, if users needed to share documents or files that were stored locally in their Apple device, they would need to navigate via the Files app and then share from there. Clicking the attachment button now will show two rows, the first showing images from the camera roll and Drive files. The second row will now show Attachments with a file icon that takes the user directly to the native Apple Files picker.

The feature will be available by default for all Gmail for iOS app users with both the rapid release domains and the scheduled release domains getting the update from February 12, 2020. Check out the App Store for the new Gmail — Email by Google app.



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