Google Pixel 4a Alleged Live Images Show Familiar Design and Fabric Case


Google’s upcoming smartphone, the Pixel 4a recently appeared in a set of leaked renders and a few rather sketchy live photos. Now, a number of alleged Pixel 4a hands-on images have surfaced online, and they appear to be the real deal. The leaked live images allegedly show the Pixel 4a with a hole-punch display and significantly slimmer bezels compared to Google’s previous iteration—the Pixel 3a. Looking at the back, one can see the squircle camera module housing a single lens and the LED flash, while the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor sits below it.

The alleged Pixel 4a hands-on images come courtesy of Rozetked, but they were reportedly first spotted as screenshots on Facebook and were later shared on Reddit. The leaked images show the Pixel 4a’s front panel with a hole-punch drilled in the top-left corner of the screen. The bezels on the side and top are quite slim, and the chin is also notably thinner compared to its predecessor. The design is quite similar to what we saw in a series of leak-based renders that recently surfaced online. Moreover, the settings UI of the phone, captured in the photos, shows the name ‘Pixel 4a’ clearly.

The upcoming Google phone is covered in a protective case that looks quite similar to the official fabric case for the Pixel 3a, save for the cutout placement. The camera module borrows its outline and black background from the Pixel 4. But instead of a dual-camera setup, the Pixel 4a features a single rear camera and an LED flash positioned diagonally. There is also a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, which is honestly quite surprising, since phones that cost significantly lower now come with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Pixel 4a will reportedly be powered by the Snapdragon 730 SoC and it was expected to make its debut at I/O 2020 in May.

But now that Google has cancelled I/O 2020 over coronavirus concerns, there’s no word regarding the launch status of the Pixel 4a as of now. But as per a report, the Pixel 4a is staring at a potential delay in its launch, as Google is now shifting production away from China to other countries. Google plans to begin production of the Pixel 4a in Vietnam starting next month, but component shortage and other logistic factors might prove to be a hurdle and eventually delay the Pixel 4a’s arrival.


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