Google Teases Android 11 Developer Preview – Details


Google has published a series of changes to its Developer Preview website with reference to Android 11. The pages that it has linked has not been updated and which includes the changes present in Android 11 and the register page. The page that prompts to register Pixels for the preview is still stuck to the Android Q Beta and there isn’t any update on references to working on foldable phones nor any Pixel devices.

This Developer preview page confirms that the rollout of the first Developer Preview for Android 11 is going to happen very soon but considering the last Android 10 Developer preview, it is a little early for us to expect it. There is also a possibility that Google might be trying to make the page ready well in advance to avoid a last-minute rush.

Considering that Android 11 will be supporting many Foldable displays this time the upcoming software should be coming with many changes compared to the previous versions. This report was spotted by Android Police and later Google has reverted the changes it has made and has taken down the Developer Preview site.

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