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Being able to print at home is a blessing in a lot of scenarios. If you’re working from home, have kids who need to print out homework, or just need to occasionally print out a document for yourself, there’s no substitute for being able to do so quickly and cheaply on your own printer. The alternative boils down to borrowing someone else’s or going to an internet cafe, neither of which sounds like much fun.

To that end, we’ve taken a look at the market nice and carefully, to get you a list of the very best printers you can buy right now. Because these aren’t intended for professional-quality prints, we’re limiting ourselves to low-cost options that are perfect for a home office. 

All of these printers can be used with a Mac or PC and Wi-Fi connected printers can also be used with mobile phones and tablets running iOS and Android. 

Our pick of the best cheap printers to buy today

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HP Envy 5030

There aren’t too many big names in the consumer printing word, but HP is sure one of them, with good reason. It’s got a range of really affordable printers that also won’t take up masses of space in your home, and the Envy 5030 is our top pick partly for those reasons. It’s a sleek little printer that really isn’t too much bigger than the paper it’s printing. 

It’s got really wide compatibility and the print quality is what you’d hope for. It’s an inkjet printer (as are most on this list), but HP’s cartridges last a decent time, plus you can sign up for a subscription service that’ll send you more by post when you need them. As an all-in-one, you get scanning on board, too, which can come in useful. 

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Epson Expression Home XP-4100


Epson follows swiftly on HP’s heels with the impressive Expression Home XP-4100, which is a bit chunkier than the Envy above, but still pretty unobtrusive in design terms. Plus, its extra height means you can leave it printing for longer before it’ll get full up with pages. 

With a good touch screen for controlling the device, you can print, copy and scan easily, included on double sides if you like. Plus it’s got Wi-Fi to make sure that you don’t need to cable everything up for it to work. It’s a great, hassle-free option at a sensible price. 

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HP Deskjet 2630

We think this Deskjet from HP is likely to be the only divisive design on our list – if you’re into old iMacs and funkier aesthetics, it might be perfect for you, while others might find it just slightly too loud. Still, it houses another impressive, dead cheap printer that can fold up into a really small unit when not in use. 

Like all our picks, it can print, scan and copy, and will do the job nicely, although you shouldn’t necessarily expect it to be absolutely spitting out pages – one consequence of its great price is that it’s not the fastest printer available. 

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Canon Pixma TS3350


Canon’s Pixma line has loads of printers to choose from, but we’re not sure any of them is as sensibly priced and specced as the TS3350, which is really easy to set up and use, even if you’re just printing from your mobile phone. 

Simplicity can be its own reward when you’re buying tech for your home, and Canon’s printer might not be the fanciest on the market by a long stretch, but you’ll be able to print without hassle, and the quality at the end of it is great. 

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Brother HL-L2350DW


Our final pick is a little bit more expensive than the others on this list, and is also the only laser printer on it – they’re generally more expensive, after all. Still, this Brother printer doesn’t exactly break the bank and is a really great option if you prefer laser printing. 

It can get through 30 pages a minute, but isn’t an all-in-one, like the others on this list – if you’ve realised you actually literally never use a scanner or copier, you might not miss that functionality much, after all. Still, if you’re keen on laser printing, this is a great, cheap option. 

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