GreyRobotics – Line Follower Robot Analog/Digital Sensor Array of 6 Using Reflectance Sensors for High Precision

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Its an IR based line detector sensor module used to differentiate between white and black or dark and light lines. A single board has an array of six sensors precisely designed for smooth line following. It provides analog/digital outputs and can be interfaced with any micro-controller without any hitch! Having all the necessary components and features neatly fitted into a small space, it comes in a miniature sized package. Its dimensions being infinitesimally smaller, you can just slide it below your bot, plugin the easy to connect jumpers onto your micro-controller, power it up and see your robot follow the lineā€¦!!!!!!

Compatible with all micro-controllers
Array of 6 sensors providing both analog and digital readings
Works on 5V and consumes <150mA
Compact in size and easy to mount


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