How can I check my vehicle registration details in Karnataka?

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Karnataka is India’sIndia’s 6th most populous state and the 8th largest by area. The state is bordered by Andhra Pradesh to the south, Telangana to the north and west, Maharashtra to the northwest, and Goa to the west. Bangalore, Hassan, and Mysore are three major urban hubs in Karnataka, while Bellary is rich in iron ore.

How can I check my vehicle registration details in Karnataka?
How can I check my vehicle registration details in Karnataka?

Vehicle Registration details

You can check your vehicle registration details online by entering the vehicle’svehicle’s Certificate of Registration (CR) number. The CR number is a 17-digit alphanumeric code that can be found on a sticker affixed to your car scars windscreen, an owner’sowner’s manual, or other official documents.

The Karnataka Transport Department website has an online service for checking vehicle details, such as:

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  • Registration number (CR)
  • Date of registration
  • Make and model of car, fuel type, and the engine number
  • Chassis number
  • Owner name
  • Registered office address
  • Registered office address

The department also provides information about taxes paid, when they were last renewed for different types of vehicles—cars, two-wheelers, and three-wheelers—and how much insurance coverage each requires.

Entering your Registration number will help you know the following vehicle details.

The first two letters of the vehicle registration number represent the state where you live. So, if you want to know where your vehicle is registered, enter the first two letters of its plate into any search engine. For example, if your plate begins with “KA,” your car is registered in Karnataka.

If you don’tdon’t have access to a computer or internet connection, feel free to use one of our helplines: 888-999-9999 (English) or 1800-210-1325 (Hindi). Our friendly customer service agents will be happy to help!

Registration Date

The vehicle was registered date is also known as the birth date. This information is required for all new cars, and it can also be used to verify whether a particular vehicle has been scrapped or not. The Karnataka Road Transport Authority (KRTA) annually issues new licenses to all vehicle owners who want them. Therefore, when you receive your commission from KRTA, make sure that it contains your vehicle’s correct registration number and birthdate.

Make Model

Make: The vehicle’s make is a code that identifies each manufacturer. For example, Toyota vehicles are coded as “Too.” Model: A model is a group of cars with standard features and specifications. For example, Toyota Corolla models include SXV10, SXV20, and SXV40. Registration Number: If you have your vehicle registration certificate, this information can be found on it along with other details like your name, address, etc.

Fuel Type

What is the fuel type of your vehicle?

  • Petrol: This is commonly known as petrol. It’sIt’s used in cars and other vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. However, not all cars use petrol; some use diesel instead.
  • Diesel: This is a type of fuel that can be used in both internal-combustion engines and turbine engines. In addition to cars and other motorized vehicles, diesel engines are also used in ships, trains, buses—and even power plants!
  • LPG: Otherwise known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), this fuel can be used for cooking purposes or as an alternative to gasoline or diesel for powering vehicles such as motorcycles or cars when there isn’tisn’t access to electricity nearby

Engine Number

  • Engine Number is a unique number that is given to the vehicle engine.
  • The engine number is stamped on the engine block.
  • Engine Number helps to identify the machine.

Chassis Number

A chassis number is a unique number assigned to the vehicle during manufacturing. It is generally a 17-digit number and can be found on your car’s scarred chassis under its hood. The chassis number can also be known as a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It’sIt’s essential to have your Karnataka vehicle registration details updated with this information so that you can quickly identify your car from others if it gets stolen or misplaced.

Owner Name

  • Owner Name: The owner’sowner’s name as per the registration certificate.
  • Address: The address of the owner.
  • Company Name: The company name is registered with RTO as per the RC copy. This is also called a manufacturing company or importer name, which will be reflected in this field.
  • Manufacturer’sManufacturer’s Address: The address of the manufacturer/importer is different from the owner’sowner’s address.
  • Dealer’sDealer’s Address: Dealer’sDealer’s contact details in case you have bought your vehicle from a dealer rather than directly from an authorized showroom/dealer branch

Registered Office and Address

As a vehicle owner, you can check your registration details by visiting the RTO office or going online.

The registered office address is:

Vehicle Registration Authority (RTA)

Karnataka State Transport Building, 2nd Floor Kote Circle,

Bangalore – 560 001 Karnataka state, India. You may also call on: 080-22254400 or 08322410240. The website of Karnataka RTA is

Check Vehicle Registration Details in Karnataka

You can check your vehicle registration details in Karnataka online.

If you’re you’re interested in checking the details of any vehicle; you can do so by entering its registration number. This will bring up all associated information about that vehicle, including:

  • The owner of the vehicle
  • The registered office and address of the owner
  • The fuel type used by the engine on which this particular license plate was issued


The Karnataka State Transport Authority offers ways to check your vehicle registration details. The most convenient method is by visiting their website and entering the required information. You can also call the helpline number or send an SMS to get all the information about your vehicle registration details in Karnataka.

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