How mobile apps are adding value to our everyday lives?

Mobile applications are a revolutionary tech advancement of this era. They have taken the world by storm due to the swiftness, ease, and practicality they bring into our lives. Apps are now being used much more than web browsers. Today, people spend at least 30 hours per month using mobile applications, according to Nielson.

Explicitly designed to run on mobile phones, apps provide convenience and easy access to valuable resources, services, and content to the 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. Refer to the graph below to see how much the total number of apps on leading app stores has increased recently.

It is true not all the apps available for free or purchase on the Google Play store and Apple app store are worth using. But, there are several that have literally changed the way we live our lives. From banking, shopping, healthcare, and job search, to gaming and leisure, apps in different categories add value to our lives in the best way possible.

Let us ponder over the number of ways in which apps are being useful for us in the present era.

  1. Productivity and time management

Individual apps are designed to boost one’s productivity and enhance performance by providing sources of motivation. Take, for example, the Forest app. It let you plant a virtual tree that can grow only if you limit your screen time. The app is excellent at developing mindfulness. Our smartphone habits are the biggest hindrance to productivity, which is why Forest is a worthy app.

There are several time management apps available that help people manage work and personal lives effectively. Simple tasks like setting a timer, maintaining a calendar, scheduling jobs and reminders, and customizing project timings can be done via these applications.

  1. Maintaining an organized life

If you are someone struggling with staying organized in your day-to-day life, there are excellent apps to help you with that. From keeping your closet and fridge organized to help you stay on track with your fitness, apps can efficiently sort your life. You can also use these apps for managing your professional life and tell your teammates to use them as well.

There is a plethora of organization apps available with satisfied user reviews that you can download. Apps like Todoist, Trello, remember my milk, my closet app, and Evernote will help you stay organized and stress-free.

You can also organize your finances quite well with some of these apps that help you track what you spend and save. 

  1. Providing communication better than ever before

Millennials, Gen Y, and Gen Z had lived through the years when communication meant landline calls, emails, and eventually chatrooms on the internet. The way communication has been shaped in the recent decade is spellbinding yet exceptionally compelling.

You can now find a long-lost friend, communicate seamlessly on video calls, and conduct virtual meetups via apps.

With applications like WhatsApp, IMO, and airG scam free apps, talking with friends, family, and people from all around the world has become so easy. Getting in touch with anyone is no more a hassle through these apps with well-developed features and tools.

  1. Personalized offers

Think with Google research revealed that two in three would frequently use an app when it simplifies their lives.

Mobile applications use tools like engagement ads that let the user remind them of a product or service available with them whenever a user searches for them on search engines and social media. For instance, if you wish to buy a new pair of shoes and search for them, the footwear brand’s app that is already installed on your phone will remind you of its presence via the engagement ad feature.

This personalization allows a better and convenient user experience for the customers who generally prefer time-saving. Plus, discounts and offers are also shown frequently to app users that provide them with actual value.

The same survey conducted by Think with Google revealed that users said they would use a travel and retail app again if they received discounts and coupon offers.

  1. Easy access to educational content

Schools, universities, and other educational institutions are increasingly turning towards apps to let the students learn, revise, and give their assignments and assessments via collaboration apps like MS Teams and Edmodo.

Getting access to the material, communicating with peers and teachers, and staying organized is much easy now, especially during the pandemic, where the majority of education was shifted to online forums.

  1. A huge variety of visual, audio, and written content on the

palm of your hands

Whether you wish to read a book, listen to a song, or view your favorite show, there is an app for it. There are tons of content (even available offline in some apps) that you can enjoy with these apps. Spotify is one such app that lets you create your favorite songs’ list and gives you access to millions of tracks in high-quality audio that you can enjoy.

  1. Effective socializing

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube are no more accessible only via the web browser. Using them on your phone via the apps is much more functional as well as fun. These social apps get a significant chunk from our mobile phone usage, and the apps are designed to keep the fact in mind.

Several features are included in apps that make your socializing experience seamless and fun, even if you have a habit of scrolling all day long.

  1. Using device features for a better user experience

Apps use our mobile phone’s features, such as the camera, location, compass, contacts, and mic, to give you a great user experience while using an app. They also integrate with your social media handles so that you can share whatever you like with your friends and family with a single touch.

  1. Order anything online with apps

The best thing that came with the apps was the ease of ordering anything from your home (or even your couch!).

Be it ordering food, shopping for groceries, buying clothes, shoes, and accessories, or booking a flight or a hotel room, you can conveniently do it with apps like Amazon, Uber eats, or the Air BnB app.

These apps give you comfortable pay offer like Cash on delivery or paying from your credit card or PayPal, making shopping even more comfortable and hassle-free. Besides, there are flexible return policies that subside the hindrance we feel while shopping online.

  1. Works faster than web browsing

Website data is usually stored on web servers, whereas apps do the same locally on mobile phones. This makes apps fast as compared to web browsing. Also, the application framework is way faster than the mobile websites that use the JavaScript code.

Parting Thoughts

Mobile apps offer a delightful user experience and various options that make them a popular choice in recent times. From helping in our day-to-day lives to keeping us entertained for long hours, apps benefit us in various ways.

It is incredible how much can a well-built app do for you. It solves problems, gives the best solutions, lets you rest at home without needing to stand in lines, and brings you your preferred modes of entertainment like a genie who is waiting to fulfill each of your commands.

It is expected that technological advancements like AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) in the coming years will make the app industry thriving. It will undoubtedly bring even more and get more convenience for the users

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