Instagram’s Boomerang update brings Echo, Slomo and Duo effects along with video trimmer


Instagram’s Boomerang has finally received an update with 3 new effects since it was launched almost 5 years ago. There are 3 new effects including Slomo, Echo and Duo as part of its editing suite along with the option to trim the boomerang video via an iPhone camera roll-styled editor.

The update comes at a time where Instagram’s user base becomes threatened with the rising popularity of TikTok and resurgence of Snapchat. TikTok already a multitude of filters and features in its app that has proven to be very popular among users, creating tons of memes and content for the internet. In a move to stay relevant, Instagram has updated its Boomerang feature with 3 new effects and a new video editor with trim support.

The three new effects are:

  • SlowMo – The effect slows down the video by 50%, essentially making the clip play for about 2 seconds in each direction instead of the usual 1 second.
  • Echo – With this effect, Instagram will add motion blur to the boomerang video, similar to a drunk double vision effect with trails behind every objects movement.
  • Duo – This effect will speed up the backward playback of the boomerang, quickly rewinding to the start of the video along with a glitchy, digitized look.

And lastly, Instagram has also added the option to trim your boomerang video with controls similar to the iPhone video editor or Instagram feed video composer. These new effects will help garner new interest in boomerang videos that have become a bit stale in recent times.



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