John Chow – Rambling Of A Dot Com Mogul


In the world of Internet marketing and entrepreneurship, few come close to John Chow who is widely responsible for turning a lot of internet ventures into cash while adding a touch of humor and positive fun. A native of Vancouver Canada, John started out in the desktop printing industry before staking it out on the Internet where in 1999 he started the Tech Zone. Since its inception, the tech zone has become force to reckon with in the online technology hardware world. The site currently boasts over 10,000 pages and averages over 220,000 page views a day. John Chow, who also goes by the nickname “moto”, derived from the famous video game moto racer, also dabbles as a fitness fanatic whose hobby mountain climbing consumes the rest of the time he is not on the Internet.

John Chow’s success as a money maker who uses the Internet as his means of raking in an income skyrocketed due to his traffic strategies. He currently hosts a website on which he offers many tips and tricks on how to make money in the ever expanding world of Internet business. The interesting thing about the website is that he also uses posts on cars, food and travel to generate fresh content which causes a surge in traffic. His original success came from developing a website called the Tech Zone. This site which he launched back in 1999, offers tech news and reviews, and is still going strong today. Another site Chow developed was TTZ Media Network. This site is John Chow’s biggest money maker. It offers a place for tech focused web developers to shop and compare prices on a variety of products. He also makes it easy to apply to be an affiliate to this site, a welcome feature for those trying to get their feet off the ground on the web development scene. One of the more appealing aspects of Chow’s blog is that he injects some welcome humor into the dry world of web design and business. This is something that has greatly helped to turn his blog into a personal money making venture rather than just a place to jot down his thoughts.

John did run into some trouble recently when dealing with Internet megalith, Google. Chow was using some questionable tactics to crank up traffic to his blog using the famous key term “make money online.” The main way he was showing up so high on Google search results was through purchasing links. This is a technique which Google frowns upon, so they went so far as to bump him very far down the list. Chow not only bought links with money, but also with favors, MP3 players, cell phones, video cards and other gifts and items he received from many different companies and developers. This abuse of Google does reflect very poorly on Chow, as he makes a point of warning web money making hopefuls away from putting too much stock in search results. The problem is that he himself makes a large amount of money from said search result page rankings, so is it hypocrisy or simply failing to follow one’s own advice? Unfortunately for John, he paid the price for playing Google and now sits quite low on the “making money online” term page rank. However even with this blunder, John’s blog is still a must read for anyone serious about making money online. The site covers a lot of angles and options you have for approaching online business, and does so with a dose of humor and humanity. As with any source found online however, you cannot trust everything the man says. While John says putting all your eggs in the Google basket is a bad idea, putting all of your eggs in the John Chow basket might also net you a few rotten eggs. However for the record, if you approach his advice with the same keen mind that you should approach any web development advice with, you might just end up with some great ideas.


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