Let’s Familiarize You With Solving Tables in the IELTS Exam

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Dear test taker! Remember that the IELTS exam is more than just writing essays or responses. You must manage and interpret the question, which includes pie charts, tables, bar graphs, and more. As aspiring exam takers, you should prepare your mind to easily grasp the information buried in any sort of question. We understand that for the majority of students, this may be a challenging assignment.

However, to provide you with the necessary knowledge to swiftly decode the message contained in the table read the article attentively. Many students become alarmed and astonished when they see the table in the IELTS writing task. They can only see the numbers, so they assume this is the most difficult question as most students hate math. We strongly advise students not to make assumptions, as this could be one of the primary causes for a low score on the IELTS writing task.

You may be astonished to realize that the objective you believe to be tough is the easiest to interpret. Always think optimistically; if you can’t, who will? This question will surely push you to push your limits to do well on the IELTS writing task. If you think you need specific instructions on how to solve tables with questions, call the best IELTS Institute in Jalandhar.

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What types of table questions are there?

The first and most crucial point to understand while answering table-related questions is that there are two categories of table inquiries. The first one focuses on changes that happen throughout time, while the second one is typically concerned with timing. If you’re taking the IELTS exam, you should be quite familiar with the two fundamental types of tables. They both demand different types of language and syntax.

We strongly recommend that you read the next section because it provides all of the crucial facts related to the table question. The most important thing to remember when creating tables is that you do not have to describe all of the data that appears in them. Make sure to emphasize important information. Look for important data, such as the top and lowest, then group the entire dataset. This technique requires you to have a basic comprehension of the things that happen in the world.

Highlight the essential characteristics.

Most aspiring candidates find the IELTS table chart question more challenging to interpret than other types of graphics-related questions. Graphics are collections of numbers that lack an accurate visual representation. Furthermore, the learner should understand that they are not as complicated as they appear at first glance.

If students comprehend the core point of the question, they will be able to respond without problem. The learner should keep in mind that the IELTS exam is designed to assess linguistic skills, not mathematical aptitude. So don’t worry; you are not supposed to add or subtract the numbers on the table keeping the nature of the exam in mind. You merely need to analyze them so that you can answer appropriately. Furthermore, your answer should be prepared in such a way that it would easily impress the examiner.

The key points that matter in the IELTS exam:

Read the following factors that are going to play a very vital role in making you grab an incredible IELTS band score. 

A good English vocabulary 

Using an excellent English vocabulary is proof of excellent English proficiency. You have to use English vocabulary words to keep the message precise and accurate. Also, you need a good vocabulary to avoid repetition in your answers. Using a main word over and over again will leave a bad impression. Hence, if possible then, try to avoid the repetition of the words with the help of the best synonyms. 

The proper format

Using a perfect format in the writing section is also going to matter. Make sure that the format that you are going to use in the answer is perfect and helps you illustrate your answer accurately and clearly. 

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There are a few rules of a perfect format such as:

  • A different paragraph for a different idea 
  • Avoiding the excessive use of bullets and numbering 


Fluency is one of the key factors that will get you an incredible speaking score. You must have expertise in identifying the opportunity where you can demonstrate your fluency to the examiner. Also, pay attention to the accuracy of your answers as well. 


Let us tell you that English grammar also matters. Many students often compromise on English accuracy when they focus on fluency. Understand that the examiner is an expert at pointing out the mistakes in answers given with a great level of fluency. 


The pronunciation of the words is also one of the key factors that will help you achieve an incredible listening score. If you don’t have a profound acquaintance with the pronunciation of the words, it is very strenuous for you to understand the recordings. 

Whenever you learn the meanings of the words, take a glance at the pronunciation of the words as well. 

Charts, graphs, and labels 

Make sure to gain expertise in understanding the graphs, charts, and labels. You can see them in the IELTS writing and reading section. Practice solving them with the help of the IELTS sample papers. 

Analyze and write it down.

After reading the entire question, the learner should grasp how to appropriately analyze it. Try to read the entire question thoroughly so that you can easily understand its requirements. The more you read the question, the more certain you become that you will be able to answer it easily. You should focus on just paraphrasing the content included throughout the question. It means that you must say the same thing differently keeping the variation in the meaning of the various things you are going to discuss. 

However, to answer your wondering state, you can accomplish this simply by using synonyms and modifying the overall sentence structure. Trust us when we say that writing and analyzing tables is more effortless than it seems to a student attempting for the first. Forget worrying when you have the option to contact the best PTE Coaching in Jalandhar who are experts in making you an expert in IELTS/PTE.


We presented to you this article for your sake of the IELTS examination, but it won’t be helpful if you keep on becoming your usual self. This article has the potential to be one of the best sites for helping you solve table-related queries with ease.

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