LG to showcase WebOS Auto extended platform at CES 2020


LG Electronics is entering the in-vehicle infotainment system under the WebOS platform called WebOS Auto. It is a Linux-based automotive infotainment system that will serve as a connected hub among connected cars, supporting a variety of solutions and services.

LG will showcase WebOS Auto at CES 2020 with a connected car, having seats made by Adient, a car seat manufacturer. that is capable of internet radio and video streaming. WebOS Auto also has partnerships with many leading companies like Qualcomm, Microsoft, MS, Qt and Luxoft. Many of these companies will  have exhibits for their WebOS solutions at CES 2020 too.

Qualcomm will showcase its integration of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Development Platform (ADP) which is connected via its 5G tech. And Microsoft will an Audio, Video and Navigation scenario that utilizes its cloud platform called the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP). There is also an a Human Machine Interface (HMI) developed by a Finish company called Qt which will be very interesting to see.

Commenting on the launch of WebOS Auto, LG Electronics Chief Technology Officer Park Il-pyung said:

We will continue to enhance the webOS Auto ecosystem through collaboration with a variety of global tech companies in a bid to expand our influence in the next-generation software for cars.



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