Mobile Phone Frauds


A person recently discovered to his great consternation that his mobile phone bill included a large amount of calls that he did not ever made. He verified his bill with the mobile phone company that indeed, the call came from his mobile phone number. A lady who visited her sick friend in a hospital left her car in the parking area of the hospital compound, forgetting to lock the door. When she returned, her mobile phone she left inside her car was gone. A teenage boy was showing off his brand new mobile phone to his girlfriend inside a restaurant. When they went out of the restaurant, somebody bumped the young boy from behind as if trying to catch a taxi. Moments later, the boy felt something is missing from his pocket. When he tried to dip inside his pocket, his brand new cell phones was already gone. These three people were victims of cell phones frauds.

With the mass proliferation of cell phones nearly every where, criminals have found ways wherein they can obtain information and contact their criminal associates freely and avoid wire tapping detection by the authorities through utilizing cell phones that were illegally obtained. The mobile phone frauds has become a cause for concerns to police operatives every where. The method employed by these criminals would be to use two kinds of equipment in their criminal activities to effect using the assigned number of a legal mobile phone to make his calls from a stolen cell phones free of charge, courtesy of the owner whose assigned legitimate mobile phone number he has stolen.

This is how they do it. When you purchase a phones, there is already a pre assigned number to your phone known as the Electronic Serial Number or ESN. The phones retailer will likewise provide you with another set of numbers known as your Mobile Identification Number or MIN. These two sets of numbers combined will form as your very own unique phones numbers and will serve as the fingerprints of your phones for signal recognition and validation of your phones to cell sites. The sad thing however, is that there is such an equipment called the ESN reader that can be used by criminals to conduct their illegal activities. If you turn on your cell phones, whether you use it or not, these criminals can read your ESN and MIN numbers through the use of their ESN reader by just turning it on and plucking out of thin air your assigned cell phones number. Once they have gotten hold of your phones numbers, all that they have to do is use it on the phone through the use of another machine whereby they can input your ESN and MIN number to another cell phones that they likewise have stolen and bingo! They can then call their criminal associates anywhere at anytime with you footing the bill for their calls.

Authorities have now taken the needed steps to combat these acts very detrimental to the public’s usage of phones. You can just imagine if your phones ESN and MIN can be pirated by these criminals out of thin air you can even be suspected being a part of their group as their criminal activities was made through your cell phones security numbers, aside from the fact that you will be charged with the cost of their calls you are not aware of.. UGH! How bad can it get?


Source by Sherry Khan

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