Mobile Phone Realtones


Technology has grown manifolds in the recent years. It started from big phone with bunch of numbers on it to s device the size of box matches to it. The mobile phone industry has evolved to point where it can boost other industries like music and graphics. This is how realtones and mobile wallpapers became part of our lives.

Mobile phones have become necessity like clothes and if you don’t have cell phone that means you are living in the Stone Age. Mobile phone has proved its necessity and attractiveness and the mobile phone industry knows no boundaries with new mobile phone with better features coming each month. The size of mobile phone has decreased whereby its technical characteristics have increased. The cell phone has reached point where it can be said as small computer.

The old fashioned music player has been replaced by realtones and pictures have been replaced by mobile wallpapers. realtone is piece of music reproduced in the same way as it would have been by mp3 few years ago. The realtone has evolved from mono ringtone. This type of ringtone represents lot of music notes played on only one channel. This is how the first cell phone rang. After that the sound was being played on two channels and four channels and thereafter sixteen. This way polyphonic ringtones became popular.

A realtone could be piece of your favorite melody or the voice of someone you appreciate. It is not necessary that realtone is part of song but it could be full song if your mobile phone allows as such. Many mobile phones have lot of memory so that you can enjoy more than one realtones. realtone is basically song in mp3 format which you can use however you want.


Source by Radoslav Opalchenov

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