Motorola Explains How to Look After Your Razr Ahead of Official Release


Motorola brought back the Razr branding with its latest foldable flip smartphone. The new Motorola Razr has a folding display that gets tucked away when the phone is closed. This is an innovative design and among the first in the market. In order to prevent users from having issues with their devices, the company has released support videos. These videos suggest how the Motorola Razr should be used and cared for to prevent any damage to the device. Motorola has currently put the Razr (2019) on pre-order and it will go on sale soon.

The support video titled “Caring for Razr” informs users that the Motorola Razr is water-repellent but it needs to be wiped with a dry cloth. It also acknowledges that since the display folds, bumps and lumps are normal on the display. The Moto Razr has a protective coating on the display and the company advises users against using any sort of screen protector.

As expected, the video also warns against sharp objects that could damage the display. Motorola also recommends that users flip the phone shut before putting it in a pocket or a purse. These might seem silly but this kind of precaution would be required on a smartphone like the Motorola Razr that has a foldable display. Since the technology is new, we don’t know how long the display can hold up before creasing like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Foldable smartphones might get sturdier in the near future but at the moment, users will need to take good care to protect their expensive Motorola Razr phones.


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