New Foldable Clamshell Smartphone From Samsung Leaks in Live Images


Samsungs new foldable clamshell smartphone has surfaced online which is expected to be the Galaxy Fold 2. The renders of the device reveal a clamshell design which is also expected to be launched in February. In the recent developer conference of Samsung, it also showcased renders of a similar device with a clamshell prototype.

Form the image shared, we can easily notice that the display aspect ratio is high and it can be folded vertically from the middle unlike its the Galaxy Fold which can be folded vertically. We can also observe that the bezels on the device are thicker than the normal flagship smartphones and the camera hole for selfies is placed on the top in the center of the display.

We can also see a USB Type-C port placed on the bottom of the device along with a speaker grill. We couldn’t spot the 3.5mm audio jack and might be using the USB Type-C for audio device. The volume rockers and power buttons are placed on the right of the device. On the rear, there is a dual-camera setup that are aligned horizontally along with an LED flash.

Furthermore, there is also a small display placed on the rear of the device that shows time along with some additional information. We could be getting more details about the same in the coming days and it is expected to be a mid-range device considering Samsung launching a cut-down version of its high-end device or it could also be the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2. We should wait a few more days to get more details of the same and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more interesting news and updates.


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