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There are different manufacturing businesses working in the world. The electronics and technology devices business is one of them which has made our world a global vintage. All electronic products have their specific accessories, such as mobile phones, which are one of the most sold technology products in the world and have several accessories that help make their use easy for users.

For instance, phone cases are also prominent accessories of mobile phones that help protect the phone from external damaging factors such as dust, moisture, and scratches that can damage the phone screen. Phone case products come in different varieties of sizes, shapes, and materials that are fit for different companies’ different phone models.

Moreover, these cases for mobile phones have different levels of strength that require specific packaging. Renowned brands create custom phone case boxes that are perfect packaging options for these products. If you are a phone case producer or retailer brand in the market, then you can create these boxes and customize them in any design as per your preference, considering your budget and phone case type.

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Various Types Of Phone Cases

In the market, you can see different types of mobile (phone) cases that come in different varieties of designs, embellishments, and sizes that suit different phones. These phones can be retailed by different brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Huawei, ZTE, OnePlus, Motorola, OPPO, Verizon, Google Pixel, and many others.

Furthermore, mobile phone cases are made of different materials that change their delicacy level. Below are some of the mentionable types of phone cases that are made of different materials and suit different mobile phones having various financial values:

  • Hard phone case
  • TPU/Gel phone cases
  • Silicone phone cases
  • Tough phone cases
  • Wallet phone cases
  • Leather phone cases
  • Flip-style phone cases

Consumers can use phone cases for their mobile phones, which suit them according to their mobile phone type and their company. Phone accessory brands also create custom phone case boxes considering these factors, which help increase their sales in the telecom technology product market.

Personalized Packaging Boxes For Phone Cases

The personalization of the phone case boxes wholesale packaging is more essential for brands than you think. The more customized phone case box packaging you design for your branded products, the more customers you can drag to your products with their enticing and professional packaging. You can personalize them in any design you like, considering your budget and the phone specifications. That way, you can create premium standard custom boxes for phone cases that outshine your brand in the highly competitive market of phone mobile accessories,

1- Right Choice Of Packaging Material

Choosing the right material is more vital for brands than any other thing. The main reason behind this is that packaging’s main purpose is to protect the products from internal and external possible damages that can damage the quality of the product. Consequently, if you choose the right and durable material for designing packaging boxes for your products, you can provide them with the required protection from the above-mentioned damaging factors. Paper materials are the best packaging choice for designing boxes for phone cases. Below are trending materials for creating phone case product boxes:

  • Cardboard – Fit for battery and wallet battery phone cases
  • Corrugated – perfect for armbands and tough phone cases
  • Kraft board – used for flip and slim phone pouches
  • Rigid stock – suitable for themed and rugged phone cases

2- Professional Box Customization

You can create phone case packaging in any design that suits your products. It means by considering the company, size, shape, dimension, cameras, ports, and model of the mobile, you can create the phone case box for your brand that fits your and your product’s packaging needs. Moreover, on the product box, you can use any packaging stock, color, theme, printing, embellishments, and add-ons. By creating professional boxes for your mobile accessory products, you can satisfy your target customers with your brand’s products.

3- Catchy And Unique Box Design

People always prefer to buy products that impress them with their fascinating appearance. So, for mobile accessory brands, it’s essential to design captivating and attractive-looking custom phone case boxes that can draw customers’ attention to the product and urge them to get the product without any delay. You can conduct market research and choose from the trendy designs in the packaging market.

After that, you can modify that design according to your logo theme to set your products apart from the rest in the competition. When you create unique boxes for your products, people recognize and find your products in the market easily and buy your products.

4- Easy And Handy Packaging Style

Renowned and successful brands are always careful about their customers. They create convenient packaging for them to provide them with a good user experience. People also prefer to get those products that are convenient to unbox and use. So, you can use a handy box style for product packaging to please and satisfy your customers with your product boxes.

Here are some of the most popular box styles for creating custom product boxes for your phone cases that provide opening and handling convenience to customers:

  • Tuck end
  • Auto lock style
  • Seal end style
  • Roll end boxes
  • Hang tab boxes
  • Mailer boxes
  • Square boxes
  • Sleeve style box
  • Two pieces
  • Gift product box
  • Flip top box
  • Drawer-style box
  • Printed plastic box

You can choose any product box packaging style for your brand and create phone case boxes with logo of the brand that leads to attracting more customers to your brand.

5- Adding Details With Simple Design

You can create custom printed phone case boxes by adding essential details. These details educate customers about your brand and products, which helps make a good liaison between you and your customers. These details reveal the professionalism of the brand in the retail phone accessory product market. In addition, you must keep in mind that you always use a minimal design approach while creating custom phone case boxes. Thus, you can avoid complex box designs that make your product boxes look ugly and non-profession that people ignore.

6- Catchy Finishing And Add-Ons

After the basic design of custom printed product boxes for phone cases, you can add lucrative finishes and add-on features to these boxes. They make them enchanting and functional that enhance the value of the product as well as the brand. Some of the traditional finishes and additional features are as follows:

  • Glossy lamination
  • Matte lamination
  • Soft touch lamination
  • Spot UV coating
  • And AQ coating 
  • Shimmery coating
  • Gold/silver foiling
  • Blind embossing
  • Blind debossing
  • Scored and perforation
  • Window and hanging tabs

The Bottom Line Of The Blog

Above are the most efficient ways for you to design custom phone case boxes. If you create your product boxes according to the above details, you can create highly protective, catchy, handy, professional, and premium-quality packaging for your phone case products. That way, you can improve your product sales and grow your business in the highly competitive product market. 

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