Professional Tips For Successfully Selling Second-hand Furniture

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Are you moving, are you undertaking a major tidying up or do you want to change your interior decoration? Sell ​​your second-hand furniture to empty your home quickly.

Are you planning to move and want to sell your furniture? This task, which may seem tedious, is actually very simple to implement. It will also allow you to earn money to furnish your new home, according to your tastes and desires! To sell your second-hand furniture successfully to Used furniture Buyers in Dubai, discover our professional advice.

Choose the right platform to sell your furniture

Before embarking on your house clearance, you must start by choosing the platform with which you are going to sell your bedroom furniture cleveland. Thus, some clearance site allows you to create an ad simply and free of charge to sell your second-hand furniture . The site takes 0% commission. So all you need to do is create a vacancy by indicating whether you live in an apartment, a loft, a house or an office; to add a closing date and your address. When a buyer is interested, you receive an email and you have 48 hours to confirm the sale. Once this is done, your contact details are exchanged by email and you can organize a meeting for the buyer to come and collect the furniture. Buyers pay directly online, and once the withdrawal is complete, you can request a transfer to your bank account. So you won’t have any bad surprises!

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Put several second-hand pieces of furniture up for sale online

60% of users buy more than one piece of furniture per apartment clearance. Therefore, to save time, sell several properties in a single ad. Sofa, bed, refrigerator… Empty your home by creating not one ad per object, but one ad per accommodation. This way, you sell quickly without getting too tired. Moreover, buyers will prefer to buy multiple products from you, this will save them time and money. Your accommodation then becomes a real online store where customers can wander around to browse!

Take care of your photos

To make potential buyers want to purchase your furniture, you need to take care of your photos. Indeed, if they are attractive, they will arouse interest and curiosity and inspire desire.
Our advice for taking beautiful photos? Take a wide shot. It’s nice to see furniture in context, to get a real sense of the size and shape in a room. To integrate as many elements as possible into the image, position yourself in an angle. Then, highlight the furniture by taking a step back. Also, open the curtains and turn on the light so that the photo is as bright as possible. Finally, your photos must inspire, so don’t hesitate to put the furniture in scene, by adding a vase filled with flowers, by placing magazines on the coffee table… In this way, the buyer will be able to project themselves and imagine the furniture in its interior!

Sell ​​your furniture in one go

A second-hand dealer will buy several goods from you. If you are moving abroad without taking anything with you, or if you are selling the family home, it is very useful to get rid of your personal belongings in one go. A second-hand dealer will not miss such a deal. He is not only interested in valuable items, but also in ordinary items in good condition.

Sell ​​your old furniture

For those who benefit from a property inheritance, this aspect can be the most advantageous. Indeed, a second-hand dealer will buy your old furniture unlike ordinary buyers who are not attracted to acquiring old furniture because they are of an outdated style or simply you call sell it to scrap buyers in Dubai.

Create competition among second-hand dealers

Making your ads online at several second-hand dealers also saves you from having to organize several visits to your home. This allows you to pre-select the second-hand dealers that interest you the most. Of course he will want to take a look at the furniture or other possessions. We advise you to take advantage of your ad to bring the competition into play.

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