Reason to why gomovies is popular to use and its features

Reason to why gomovies is popular to use and its features

GoMovies is a torrent website that offers pirated movies, television episodes, and web series. It is a similar website to the Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent. The site has been in operation since 2004 and does not host any of its own content. According to What is GoMovies? article on their wiki, gomovies offers links which are usegomoviesd for downloading pirated movies, TV-shows or other media files. It technically doesn’t host any illegal content. The website also operates with a free VPN service that allows its users to bypass censorship as well as access geographically restricted websites such as Netflix USA while using a foreign IP address.

What are gomovies?

A gomovies is the site’s term describing the content they host. The website states that they do not have any of their own content. Throughout the years, go movies has faced various legal issues in various countries throughout the world due to hosting pirated copyrights without payment. In 2010, a lawsuit was brought against GoMovies because of copyright infringement and unfair competition.

What are the site’s features?

GoMovies is a torrent website with a predefined search engine. It allows people to search for different content categories such as movies, television shows, or games. The website features a rating system and is divided into categories such as Upcoming Releases and Most Popular. A gomovie page has internal links which enable users to navigate to other pages of the site including the homepage. It also has a Popular search engine which shows the top three results (or any other amount) for a certain website.

Why gomovies popular to use? 

The torrent website is popular with users because it has a fast and efficient search engine. GoMovies also offers a phishing protection which alerts users when there are hyperlinks or malicious software in the content they want to download. According to the official website, this website is protected by Google’s Safe Browsing service. This keeps phishing pages out of Google’s search results and protects you from downloading malicious software.

GoMovies contains a free VPN service that allows its users to unblock sites, visit streaming websites. They can also secure their online presence by accessing foreign IP addresses. The site also offers a forum category which allows users to discuss different kinds of content they have found on the site such as movies, TV shows, games, software, and more. Users can also post torrents in forums but they must be relevant to GoMovies.

What are the features of using the Gomovies?

  1. Easy download Movies: The user can easily search for the movie or TV series and download it by clicking on the link. The site has provided an online downloader software and it will directly work after downloading.
  2. Easy Watch: The user can easily watch their favourite movie on the site by clicking on the link and playing in HD as shown in the Homepage of Gomovies Page. By providing an online player, the easiest way to watch is no more difficult. The user also has a small size, reduces the need to watch movies at high speed and is easy to download or access from any country. Also, you can stream movies with a video player.
  3. Download section: In Gomovies Page, you can also search movies or TV series and download it directly.
  4. Gomovies Forum: The user can post their queries in the forum section and ask any question regarding a movie or TV series they want to watch. There are different categories, including Music, Download Link, PC Software, Game, etc., where the user can search for their query with ease.
  5. Categories: In Gomovies, there are different categories in which the user can search for the movie or TV series. There is a category of Upcoming Movie, Popular Movie, Top Rated Movie and more as mentioned on the Site..
  6. Free VPN Service: Apart from all these features, there are free VPN service and web proxy present on gomovies page. The user can easily watch videos on geovid website by using this facility.
  7. Latest News: In Gomovies Page, there is a latest news section where users can read recent updates regarding movies or anything they want to know. The user can easily search for their query and read complete information regarding it.

Is GoMovies a safe site?

GoMovies is a torrenting site that allows users to stream and download movies for free. The website does not host any of its content but simply provides links to the same. Multiple countries have been blocking the website from their ISPs because of copyright issues regarding the pirated content on its site. According to Is GoMovies Safe? article on their wiki, It is advised that users should take caution while browsing this website as they might encounter malicious software such as spyware and viruses. The website also offers a free VPN service which allows its users to bypass censorship by unblocking sites and streaming services such as Netflix USA while using a foreign IP address.

Final Verdict:

GoMovies is an illegal website which provides links to download unauthorised content including pirated movies and television shows, which is against the law. The website is heavily promoted by torrent websites such as thepiratebay, so search engines and users are not able to find on their own. It has been reported that users who visited GoMovies were redirected to other torrent sites such as ThePirateBay by its Search Engine. However, users must consider that the site uses VPN services and similar to other torrent sites provides a free service for unblocking websites.


We do not host any of its content and offer a free VPN service to access foreign IP addresses. The website has been blocked from various ISPs in the past due to copyright issues. At the bottom of the disclaimer, it is clearly mentioned that GoMovies is not responsible for content posted by its users. The website does not guarantee that their users will be able to access their own content because it is hosted on different websites around the world. They also do not provide any legal assistance or assistance regarding how to safely download content or how to bypass censorship.

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