Rebecca Black Sings and Laughs Her Way to the Bank

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Rebecca Black is quickly becoming a house hold name due to the success, or some might say failure, of her YouTube music video “Friday.” Sure, lots of people are uploading their own music videos to YouTube, but “Friday” went viral like no one had expected.

Instead of getting tossed around because everyone loved the song, instead it was getting laughed at and to this day have over three million “dislikes” from users. These are some extremely high numbers for a videos. However, as they say, all publicity is good publicity and that’s exactly how things are going for Rebecca Black.

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Let’s take a look at some of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” YouTube numbers:

As of today, June 9th, the video has over 160 million views, 3 million dislikes and still getting spread around the social networks like crazy. With all of the video impressions going through YouTube, it would only be fitting to make some money off the exposure of the video. Advertisers like Yahoo and other big names have their own banner ad campaigns on display around the video and in a pre-advertisement video.

How much is Rebecca Black actually making off all of this YouTube success?

In terms of actual finances, the YouTube video and iTunes sales is estimated at around $60,000 in profits so far for Black and her record label, Ark Music Factory.

In terms of over all success, this is a complete win for Black and Ark Music Factory. The investment to create the video was only a few thousand dollars and Black is now mentioned every where, and also getting the attention of many celebrities. Lady Gaga and Simon Cowell are both fans of Rebecca Black and are well aware of her rapid success. Super comedian and late night talk show host Conan O’Brien, even created a parody of her “Friday” music video and aired it during his world wide television show. This is the type of promotion and success you simply can not buy.

With all of that said, Rebecca Black doesn’t care about the haters and keeps doing her thing. Banking off the success of “Friday”, Black will be releasing her first debut album in the coming months. With the addition of the “haters”, it may actually bring more success to Black and make her current fan base even stronger.

Will Rebecca Black find the same success in her next music video as she did with “Friday”, or will she claim to be another YouTube one hit wonder victim?


Source by Zac B Johnson

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