Saga of a Tech Savy Couple


Matt and Meg were a tech savy couple,

Their computers were always nearby.

When living in two different cities

Chats on MSN helped the time fly.

Then one day, young Matt had a vision

Of Meg as his beautiful bride.

He ordered a diamond from eBay

And asked her to stay by his side.

Oh yes, I will marry my Matty,

Meg cried as she emailed her news.

Then an Internet search for a venue

With great food, lodging, and views.

A wedding dress had to be ordered.

She couldn’t find one in town.

But eBay had just what Meg wanted;

A simple, yet elegant gown.

Matt wanted unique invitations

Not the usual wedding fare,

So with Photoshop and an image

They were made with loving care.

Our Meg, meanwhile, was busy

On her keyboard every day.

She started a blog to share the news

With her family far away.

With photos placed on CafePress

The family now can choose

To see their happy couple

On a calendar to use.

Emails and chats for days on end

Arranging each detail

From flowers to food to housing

Technology did not fail.

A cottage for the family

Would be the place to stay,

To get ready for the wedding

And enjoy the special day.

What better way to search online

Than Craigs List for a place,

The perfect spot is posted there

With the right amount of space.

Now thanks to their computers,

Wedding plans are almost done.

I’ll go online and book my flight

So I can join the fun.


Source by Carol Bremner

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