Simple Tips for Cyber Monday Shoppers and Retailers


Cyber Monday is just around the corner. If you’re one of the many anticipating all the good deals you will find online, you should go to the battle prepared.

Yes, participating in the Cyber Monday mad rush is pretty much like going to a battle. You’ll be battling it out with the thousands (or millions!) of people spending the whole of Monday in front of the computer grabbing all the awesome discounted deals on some popular consumer items. It’s the best day to buy that LED TV you have long had your eyes on; or that laptop that you simply adore. Although it’s going to be more comfortable than getting crushed inside the shops on Black Friday, there are also downsides to shopping on Cyber Monday – but only if you are not well-prepared.

If you run an online shop, Cyber Monday is one of the best profit-making opportunities of the year. But it will take more than good products and a website to attract online shoppers. There are a number of important things that online retailers like you should prepare for before Cyber Monday comes.

What follows are two sets of tips: one for Cyber Monday shoppers, and a second one for online retailers.

Tips for Cyber Monday Shoppers:

1. The first thing that you need to do is update the security software of your computer. With the many websites you will be visiting, you’ll never know what your computer can get. It is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Find Cyber Monday deals only in the websites of the stores that sell the products you want. Do not just click on links found in social media sites as many of these are fronts for scams. Also avoid clicking on links found in emails coming from unfamiliar or unknown senders.

3. Look for the best deals. Do not purchase the first item that you find just because you like it. Search for more alternatives; not necessarily cheaper ones, but those that offer more – like free shipping and extra free merchandise.

4. Another tip for not getting scammed is to use more than one credit card, especially if you intend to do multiple purchases. This will also help make it easier for you to track your expenses.

5. If you want to save some and still get the best deals, look for Cyber Monday coupon codes. Some coupons have add-on offers that can help make your Cyber Monday shopping experience more rewarding.

Tips for Cyber Monday Retailers:

1. Use social media to promote your site. Coming up with an ad on Facebook (or an events page), for example, will help inform the buying public about what your site has to offer. Blogging about your Cyber Monday deals will also help a lot.

2. In marketing and advertising your site, be sure to come up with a strong call of action. Use phrases or sentences like “grab the latest (name of product) for the lowest price!” or “”get the best deal for your money now!”. Include all the details you want your target buyers to know, like discounted prices and additional merchandise or promo offers. You can also provide them with a link of the products you will be selling.

3. Start your marketing and advertising campaign early. You still have the whole of Thanksgiving week to draw in the buyers, so start working now!

4. Finally, do not forget to highlight all the things that Cyber Monday shoppers look for: online security, quality (in products and deals), and exceptional service.

We hope that these tips will help make your Cyber Monday a fruitful experience! Happy shopping!


Source by Robert Maggard

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