Square: It’s More Than a POS with the Right CRM Software

The Square POS is an ever-popular option for retailers and e-tailers alike because it has fewer overhead costs than its competitors, doesn’t charge monthly minimums or fees and is mobile- and user-friendly. It also gives sellers access to hundreds of third-party tools to elevate their Square Up stores, including Square CRM software. New CRM software solutions now integrate with Square, and the results are awesome. From improved organization to more comprehensive data collection, CRM is a must-have tool for serious Square sellers. 

ReadyCloud Suite

This is how Square is so much more than a point-of-sale system when paired with the right CRM solution. Currently, a number of CRM providers integrate with Square, but our favorite for e-commerce sellers is ReadyCloud’s popular integration because it’s made for both brick and mortar as well as e-commerce and hybrid sellers. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect. 

Data Import is Automatic

Some software solutions require a lengthy onboarding process, so you don’t get to see results for days or weeks. Square CRM, on the other hand, starts working instantly. Once you connect your Square Up account to the CRM software, it begins automatically importing your store’s order data and using that information to develop detailed customer profiles. Each profile is complete with the customer’s order history, contact information and their customer lifetime timeline. You can then add notes, tags, action items and events to correspond with the profiles to go more in depth and have more granular organization.   

Payment Processing Is Flexible

You probably chose Square in part because of its flexibility. The app works on mobile phones, tablets and from the online portal, so Square CRM must be just as nimble in order to capture data to add to the seller dashboard. It can be used to process cards over the phone, swipe cards in person and even refund purchases. Then, the software updates accordingly without you having to lift a finger. 

It’s Not a Plugin

Website performance is a major indicator of whether a casual shopper will make a purchase down the road. Unfortunately, hefty plugins add bulk and slow websites down, frustrating prospective customers and ultimately causing them to navigate to a competitor’s store instead. That is why savvy Square sellers look for add-ons that integrate with the site’s operations rather than “plugging in” to them. Square CRM is one such addition that can sync with any Square account and can even feature multiple Square accounts—all while your site is running at lightning speed. 

It Streamlines Your Reporting

As a Square Up seller, you’re keeping track of a ton of different reports. Store performance, marketing effectiveness, cash flow and other reports all come from different places and look different. This adds stress because you must keep track of it all if you want to make data-driven decisions. There is a better way: Square CRM software. All the data you could possibly want is accessible via the main dashboard, and it updates when orders are made so you always have the most up-to-date information. No more clicking between tabs and manually entering data into Excel spreadsheets. It’s all streamlined, and reports are automatically generated at regular intervals.

Marketing Becomes More Efficient

It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than to capture a new one. In a similar vein, it’s easier to market to a consumer who’s like your customers than to it is to market based on guesswork and trial-and-error. Square CRM gives you a wealth of customer data so you can develop customer personas and use those to drive your marketing campaigns. Here’s an example: A product you sell becomes popular in a certain area of the country, based on order and shipping data that Square CRM imported. Next time you set up a marketing campaign, you can geo-target shoppers in that same area because you’ve hypothesized this will be more effective. Then, add another layer to your strategy by setting up retargeting/remarketing tools to keep your brand top-of-mind for consumers who interacted with your ads or website. 

It Synergizes Your Back Office

Keeping track of data and sorting it by customer is a nearly foolproof way to ensure your sales and customer service teams are organized. No matter who is dealing with a customer, if notes and updates about them are added in real-time, there will always be a detailed log of information that can help the rep get up to speed. 

You Get a Holistic View of the Customer Journey

Understanding the customer journey is like having the ability to predict the future. Once you have a thorough grasp of all the touchpoints consumers use before, during and after making a purchase, you’ll usually always know their next move. Square CRM gives you a 360-degree view of this customer journey so you can spend less time digging through your data and more time optimizing the customer experience. A positive experience will facilitate a stronger connection with your brand, which will be memorable and inspire them to come back and shop in the future. 

Trending Products Are Instantly Visible

If your store is processing a high order volume, it can be difficult to track which products are selling best during certain weeks, months or seasons. If you have Square CRM software, however, you can instantly see the performance of each product right in your dashboard. You’ll know which products are trending, which ones are seeing high seasonal sales, and which ones are simply not moving out of your warehouse. 

Workflows Get Automated

When you’re a busy Square seller, automation can be the game-changer that gives you back much needed time so you can focus on growing your business. Square CRM software integrates with Zapier so you can build your own automated workflows without any knowledge of coding, so you can offload the busy work that seems to take up most of the day. 

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