Syska launches Wi-Fi enabled Smart Plugs starting at Rs. 2599


Syska, a popular manufacturer of LED lights and smart home devices has launched two new products called the Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Power Meter 16A and Smart Mini Plug 10A. They both feature Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, Scheduling, Timers and more.

The Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Power Meter 16A is designed for large home appliances while the Smart Mini Plug 10A is meant for mid to small size home appliances. Both feature voice control access via Alexa or Google Assistant that allow users to turn it ON/OFF, setup up schedule including time schedules. Users can also allocate each plug to a particular room in the house via the Syska Smart Home app.

The plug is of the universal Plug Pin Type and can prevent overheating of your device through advanced technology. The device can set up advanced scene detection for scheduling like trigger ON/OFF scheduling with specific scenarios like rain, sunrise and sunset. There are Child Safety Shutters to protect children from the electrical socket and users can monitor usage via the app.

The Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Power Meter 16A and Smart Mini Plug 10A are priced at Rs. 4190 and Rs. 2599, respectively and available for purchase across leading online and retail stores.

Commenting on the launch, Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, Syska Group said:

As smart home technology is becoming increasingly easy to use and affordable, we have witnessed an increased adoption of smart home products & solutions among Indian consumers. Syska aims to bring in technology-led, innovative and first-of-its-kind smart home products in the market that are light years ahead. With the launch of Syska Smart Wi-Fi Plugs, we have added newer products to our smart home portfolio. We are confident that these products will  definitely bring more value and comfort to millions of customers across
the country.


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