Thanksgiving: How to Be Grateful


Good – It is so easy to focus on the negative. In most situations, there is something good to be found, even if the only good thing is the situation cannot last forever. Practice asking “what is good about this situation that I might have missed?”

Reach Out – Take a look around, there are people less fortunate than you that you could help in some way. You can even do it for selfish reasons, as reaching out makes you feel good.

Attitude – Do you have a gratitude attitude? Do you ever slow down enough to notice all your blessings? One of the clear advantages of a gratitude attitude is that this attitude opens you up to more abundance.

Time – A friend of mine was diagnosed with acute adult leukemia this year. Time took on an entirely different meaning to him this year. Value your time.

Enthusiasm – Where is your zest for life? Getting excited about your day is a powerful way in which to be grateful.

Fun – When was the last time you had fun? It’s a privilge many people in the world never have. Schedule some fun.

Unusual – Do you do the same old same old each and every day? Life has many cool things available, so why die the daily death of “I’ve always done it this way before?”

Live full out – Want to feel very grateful this time next year and most days in between? Then live full out.


Source by Jeff Herring

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