This OnePlus Concept One to come with Triple Cameras that turn Invisible


At the CES 2020, OnePlus is going to showcase its OnePlus Concept One smartphone. There isn’t much information about this upcoming device but OnePlus has released a video of the same. The device will be debuting with an invisible camera setup which will be an industry first. The company says that it has achieved it through the use of electrochromic glass.

This new conceptual phone is expected to hit the stores later this year and a recent report said OnePlus will show its first foldable smartphone but that looks very far as of now. This OnePlus Concept One phone will be showcased on the 7th of January and the video teaser of the same has shown us a rounded corner and curved edges.

There is a triple-lens camera system that is placed vertically on the rear but there isn’t any bump. The camera module is covered by a glass that features color-shifting glass technology that makes these cameras invisible. The tint of the glass changes when it is triggered by electrical signals and makes the triple camera array visible when you open the camera app and hides when it is not in use.

According to the executive, the glass only adds 0.1mm to the overall thickness of the OnePlus Concept One phone and also said that the camera lens takes less than a second to turn off to on. Are you excited to know more about this upcoming smartphone? Let us know by commenting in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more.


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