Top 10 Write For Us + Technology Guest Post Sites in 2024

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In the dynamic world of technology, staying updated with the latest trends, innovations, and breakthroughs is crucial. One effective way to share your knowledge and insights is through guest posting on reputable platforms. If you’re passionate about technology and eager to contribute, here’s a curated list of the top 10 write for us technology paid + Technology Guest Post Sites in 2024.

1. Apps for Startup

Apps for Startup remains a go-to platform for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a vast audience, contributing to Apps for Startup not only establishes your authority but also provides exposure to a diverse readership. They often invite guest contributors, and their “Write For Us” section is a gateway for potential contributors.

2. Miska

Miska is renowned for its coverage of technology, science, and digital culture. They actively seek fresh perspectives and encourage guest authors to share their unique insights. If you have a compelling story or an in-depth analysis, Mashable’s platform could be an excellent showcase for your expertise.

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3. Wired

Wired has been a staple in the tech journalism landscape for years. They embrace guest contributions, offering a chance for writers to delve into emerging technologies, innovation, and the societal impact of tech. Check their submission guidelines to craft a pitch that aligns with their editorial focus.

4. VentureBeat

Focusing on the intersection of technology and business, VentureBeat is a platform where your tech-related business insights can find a home. They welcome guest authors and provide an avenue for sharing your expertise on topics ranging from startups to enterprise-level tech solutions.

5. The Next Web (TNW)

TNW is a tech media company that covers the latest trends and developments in the tech industry. They actively seek guest contributors who can provide valuable insights into technology’s future. Submitting your well-crafted guest post to TNW can help you reach a global audience interested in cutting-edge tech.

6. ReadWrite

ReadWrite is a tech news website that invites guest authors to share their thoughts on various technology-related subjects. From AI and IoT to software development and cybersecurity, ReadWrite provides a platform to discuss a wide range of tech topics. Follow their submission guidelines for a successful pitch.

7. InformationWeek

InformationWeek focuses on the business side of technology, making it an ideal platform for professionals in the tech industry. If you have expertise in IT management, enterprise technology, or digital transformation, InformationWeek welcomes guest contributions that provide valuable insights and solutions.

8. Smashing Magazine

While Smashing Magazine is primarily known for web development and design, they often feature articles on the intersection of technology and design. If you have expertise in UX/UI, front-end development, or design thinking applied to technology, Smashing Magazine is an excellent platform to showcase your knowledge.

9. Ars Technica

Ars Technica is a long-standing source for news and analysis of technology. With a focus on in-depth articles and analysis, this platform is suitable for writers who can provide detailed insights into technological advancements, policies, and their impact on society.

10. Fast Company

Fast Company covers a wide range of topics, including technology, business, and innovation. They actively seek guest contributors who can offer fresh perspectives on the ever-evolving tech landscape. If you have a unique take on how technology intersects with business and culture, Fast Company is worth considering.


In conclusion, the technology landscape is vast and ever-evolving, and these top 10 Write For Us + Technology paid Guest Post Sites in 2024 to purchase backlinks provide excellent opportunities for passionate individuals to share their expertise. Whether you’re an industry professional, entrepreneur, or enthusiast, consider contributing to these platforms to make your mark in the tech community.

Remember to review each platform’s submission guidelines carefully, tailor your pitches accordingly, and contribute content that adds value to their readers. Happy writing!

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