Top 7 Tips to Improve Memory For Studying

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By kajalverma3639

Memory capacity has been one of the most common subjects among students. For their academic excellence, memorising things is crucial. Thus, the question arises if you can enhance your short-term and long-term memory or not. The answer is ‘Yes.’ There are several ways to improve your memory. Setting up a study calendar can help you keep track of all those lessons and complete them on time.


Here Are The Top 7 Tips To Improve Your Memory For Studying

1. Choose a learning environment free from distractions.

A distraction-free study environment can help you focus. Choose a distraction-free place to study, such as music, television, and other diversions. Choosing a place to study which is free from noisy kids and boisterous roommates may be the better option. You can try to be alone for a short time. It can help you focus on your study and memorise things.

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2. Consider using mnemonic devices.

You can use mnemonic devices to help you recall your study materials. This technique is one of the best ways to remember information. The best mnemonic devices use positive images, novelty, or humour. You can produce a song, rhyme, or joke to recall a particular part of the information.

3. Avoid going on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms.

Social media has become a prominent feature of today’s era. Though it is a handy tool for entertainment, it is extremely dangerous for concentration power. Avoiding social media will help you study without distraction. You can use apps to block these websites until you complete your Class 6 admission exams. 

You can find many free apps online that help you access distracting websites and block them for the day. Downloading such apps to block such sites can help you improve your brain’s memory. Visiting these websites will remind you of handy things you could be doing instead based on what you said about your study goals when you signed up.

4. Plan your learning schedule using the spaced repetition method.

Avoid typing out the information while you try to improve your memory when studying. Instead, you can write them down on a flashcard. It will make your brain stay active while you form each letter. You can also generate mind maps for your learning subjects to retain things in your memory.

You can then review the written information using the spaced repetition technique. This technique entails scheduling a set of reviews of your study sessions to transfer them into your long-term memory. This study technique consists of different practice sessions, ranging from two days to nine days. You can also extend your practice sessions from two months to six months. These practice sessions help ensure the information remains in your long-term memory.

5. Ensure to take small breaks between your learning sessions.

Your brain needs rest after a long day at your high school or even for kids in pre-school in Bangalore. The brain is not a machine, you must take short breaks after studying to improve focus and memory power. Short breaks can help you improve the quality of your studying and keep things in your brain for a long time. You can improve memory retention by taking a 25-minute break between the learning sessions.

6. Take part in a study group.

Commit yourself to participating in a group study. It can help you discuss tricky topics with your peers at a dedicated time. Group participation can help you remember things effectively and quickly during your revision. If you have doubts about a topic, you can ask your peers for assistance, which will also allow you to learn new skills during the process. A study group can also make members feel more confident and improve their memory retention because they support each other.

7. Follow a regular exercise and meditation regime.

Meditation can help you reduce your study stress and focus on it efficiently. Exercise can help you improve your physical health. When you combine both routines, it will help you stay healthy physically and mentally.

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