Twitter Adds Option to Disable Multi-Column View for iPad


Twitter for iPad, after replacing single timeline layout with a multi-column view that works in both portrait as well as landscape mode, has now introduced a new update in which a user can turn off the multi-column view. With the latest update users can now hide the right-hand column altogether so that their attention is centred on the content of their timeline, MacRumers, reported Thursday.

As per the report, option to use the new layout can be activated in the Twitter app by going to Settings and privacy then toggling the Show search column switch under the Display and sound preferences.

With this, one can use Twitter on iPad back to the same interface as on the iPhone, with a single timeline with two big unused spaces on either side of it.

Additionally, to make following conversation threads easy Twitter rolled out a new reply layout for iOS devices. It will soon be rolled out for Android devices.

Twitter threads can sometimes be a bit confusing to follow, especially if your account is public and anybody can reply. The social network has started rolling out a feature that could help make them easier to parse, and will also ensure that you don’t miss your friends’ responses.

The new feature update draws a concrete line between a parent tweet and replies, with the replies indented slightly and connected by the series of vertical and horizontal lines.


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