Autumn is a season.This is the fifth and final season of the temperate zone, spring, summer, fall & winter. The seasons are caused by the tilt of Earth’s axis to the Sun during its orbit around it. Autumn is also called fall in North America, where it is also commonly known as harvest season (due to harvesting crops) or leaf drop season (due to leaves falling from trees). In temperate zone climates and sub-tropical highlands such as China and Japan, there may be one more short growing period after summer before winter begins. Depending on weather and latitude, this period may be marked by temperature…

What are the characteristics of the autumn season?
What are the characteristics of the autumn season?
  1. Short days

The days are shorter and more relaxed, so you can enjoy nature without worrying about getting too cold or sunburned. Because of this, staying outside during the evenings and into the night is more accessible. If you’re an avid hiker or camper, you can enjoy your favourite activities even longer than in other seasons. For example, if a summer day ends at 6 p.m., there won’t be much time left before dusk arrives. On the other hand, if autumn begins after 5 p.m., then there will still be several hours left before dark comes around again! It’s also worth noting that shorter days mean less exposure time for skin cancer-causing ultraviolet rays (UV).

  1. Long nights

Perhaps the most apparent characteristic of autumn is its long nights. The days are shorter, and the Sun rises later and sets earlier this season, so it gets dark before you know it. The Sun gets lower in the sky during autumn as well!

During summertime, there are about 15 hours of sunlight per day across most of Europe. This number drops to about 9 hours in wintertime and about 7 hours in spring (in northern latitudes).

  1. Dry weather

Dry weather is the opposite of wet weather. It’s the weather without rain and frequently occurs during autumn, so it’s common for this season to have dry air. Dry air is caused by the lack of moisture in the air—that is, there’s not enough water vapour to create precipitation like rain or snow.

Investing in a humidifier can help you deal with dryness and other symptoms of your environment’s lack of moisture.

  1. Cool-weather

Cool-weather is another characteristic of autumn. As you can imagine, it’s not as hot as summer and not as cold as winter. The temperature tends to be between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during this time of year.

The average temperature in the U.S., for example, ranges from about 60 degrees Fahrenheit in September to around 70 degrees Fahrenheit in November or December.

  1. Cold days and nights

This the characteristic of the autumn season


Autumn is the perfect time to get out and enjoy nature, with fantastic weather and gorgeous colours. It’s also an excellent time for enjoying your favourite outdoor activities and spending quality time with friends and family. So whether you prefer hiking or biking, there are many opportunities to enjoy the scenery at this time of year.