Why nowadays deez nuts jokes are popular?

Why nowadays deez nuts jokes are popular?

Nowadays deez nuts jokes can be found in places like facebook or twitter but also on many blogs, entertainment sites or news sites on the web as well as text messages from friends to acquaintances or even strangers. They are downright hilarious and probably the funniest that you have ever seen. And these popular jokes are commonly used without the context in which they were made, they just get copied and pasted anywhere. Following the release of the popular song by Big Sean, the question asked is: why do people love deez nuts jokes so much? It seems there is a lot of it going around on places like twitter or in text messages and most often than not, it gets copied or pasted.

What are deez nuts Jokes? 

The deez nuts joke comes from a line in the song. A deez nuts Meme is a humorous image macro featuring people who are singing along to “Deez Nuts” song from rap artist Big Sean. A deez nuts meme consists of a picture of a person who is singing this line with their hands raised. This image macro can be used in many situations while being funny and getting a laugh out of your friends and people you know. The image macro can be used anywhere such as comments sections of different blog posts or webpages or even facebook and twitter.

Why do people love deez nuts jokes?

Many have wondered why people love deez nuts memes so much. The reason is simple, they make people laugh and they also help them connect socially with others while at the same time having fun. The deez nuts memes are very easily shareable, if you were to copy the image macro and share it, you would be able to get a lot of views on facebook or text message. It is also possible to send these as a meme to people as a joke in your emails. If you are looking for some funny deez nuts memes that are not only hilarious but that can also make people laugh and get them talking, then check out this blog post by our author here.

Why do people make deez nuts jokes?

People love these jokes because they are funny and they can be applied in any situation that you may be in. These memes are everywhere so you will always have the chance to see a deez nuts meme suddenly pop up on your timeline or on your facebook wall. There are many reasons why people make and share these jokes. We can say that the makers of the meme like to spread their own humour and creativity by making a funny or odd person look funny so that others can enjoy it.

Another reason could be that the person got bored at work and decided to make some smart ass joke for himself, so he made a deez nuts joke and shared it with his friends. The person who had this idea was either just having fun or he is trying to forget the dullness of his job by browsing through the web.

What does it have to do with social media sites?

As previously mentioned, deeznuts memes can be found on many different platforms such as twitter, facebook and even youtube where trends get started after a certain date like today’s date here. Nowadays the deez nuts joke ideas trends are seen through popular social media sites such as facebook, instagram, tumblr and many more. The most popular way to get around the internet is by using your computer or smartphone. Once you get on these social media websites you can post anything that you want and share it with your friends and fans. These jokes can be used as standalone jokes but they can also be used in text messages from friends to each other or even strangers.

What are some examples of deez nuts memes?

Deez nuts memes are a funny way to tell people you love them when they’re stuck at school or work. If you want to send a funny text to your boyfriend or girlfriend and tell them you love them then you should send them a deeznuts meme. You could also send a funny text to your best friend at work and let him or her know that you are thinking about him/her. If you’re bored at work, send some people around the office some funny text messages by sending them a deez nuts meme. It is all up to your imagination.

Do people just give out deez nuts memes for no reason?

Yes, there are many people online that just give out memes for the sake of giving it out. But there are also many reasons why one may choose to share their own memes with others. If you are bored or are on the internet and someone sends you a funny meme, then you can choose to share it with a friend who might find it amusing. This is why people will send each other memes as they do not want to be in the dark place of boredom and need to get a reaction out of their friends.


We can conclude that there is no certain reason why people love deez nuts jokes but they just do anyway. People laugh because it makes them happy and they love to share. The popularity of these jokes and memes can be attributed to their extremely simple format. While they only consist of a picture along with a caption and are usually not able to stand alone as funny jokes, their simplicity allows the user to change them according to his or her own liking without making it go too far from the original format. This way there is a higher chance that the meme would remain relevant for longer periods of time, which is why we will always be faced with deez nuts memes when we browse the web or surf on facebook or twitter.

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