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Multi-Channel Downloading

-Boost your PSN downloading speed 3x~5x

Gamers always complain that the PSN download speed is so slow, and that it does not match the ISP bandwidth promises. The ISP can do nothing because of the PSN server limitation.

After two years of hard work, we have written an algorithm to let the router build a multi-channel thread from PSN CDNs and transfer the data to the router at the same time. This algorithm can boost your PSN download speed to even 100% of your home bandwidth.

This feature requires a SD Card installed in Wolflink Smaug SD card slot.

Performance with MCD

PSN Destiny Downloading Performance

Under 20Mbps Bandwidth (theoretical maximum download speed 2.5MB/s)

Gaming Port Forwarding Optimization

-The most easy way to change your NAT Type on PS4 and PS3

The NAT will not affect the transmission response time on normal usage, e.g. streaming, web browsing. But, if there is a lot of frequent online gaming data (small packages), the NAT will affect the transmission response time.

Wolflink Smaug router will not use NAT to process gaming data. The gaming data will be directly forwarded to the gaming port linked to game console/ PC by hardware circuit. The time usage of NAT will be saved, and thus transmission efficiency will be increased around 15%.

Game Supported

Game supported will be increased by upgrading.

Wolflink Stream Detector

-Automatically/Manually redirect resources for different purposes

Wolflink Stream Detector will redirect processor resources to the highest priority stream automatically / manually. The whole system’s resources will be classified by the priority to ensure the data is transferred with minimum of lag spikes and packet loss.

You can upload images to share without hurting your video chat, stream high-quality music while gaming, or download a large file while streaming video—all without the pausing and stuttering associated with less intelligent networking solutions. It does this automatically, or you can change any priority you want with Wolflink Stream Detector.

Dual Gaming-Grade Wired/Wireless

-Improve WiFi performance to the same level of wire line

Because of the interference from other electronic devices in the home, Wifi signals can be unstable, and the Wifi latency will occur. Wolflink Technology optimizes the signal amplifier algorithm, so when the wireless latency increasing is detected by the system, the amplifier will automatically increase the signal strength to neutralize the jitter of Wifi signal.

You can join the battle or watch Netflix in your courtyard or your bedroom with no need to force yourself to use wired network.

Other Router

Wolflink Smaug

Gaming Boost Wifi

-Coverage extend 30% by just one click

Choosing the gaming boost wifi feature will ensure your wifi coverage is extended 30% more while guaranteeing a package loss rate of no more than 2%.

You can join the battle or watch Netflix in your courtyard or your bedroom with no need to force yourself to use wired network.

Hardware Features

32-bits 580MHz Processor
The Wolflink Smaug is outfitted with a 32 bit 580MHz processor which means there’s a little computer onboard that is computing everything at an incredibly fast rate.The Processor not only handles the data forwarding but also processes services like MCD & PGC.

WAN Port: 1
LAN Port: 4
Power: USB 5V/1A
Antenna : 5dBi *2, MIMO
Frequency: 2.412~2.472GHz
Wireless standards : 802.11b/g/n
Case: Aluminum Alloy + Glass
LED: 3* Deep blue

64GB Hyper Cache
Hyper Cache can work with the processor when your router is faced with huge data exchange, e.g. MCD. The hyper cache works as a huge buffer which increases the bandwidth usage ratio and network data forwarding stability.
128MB Double Data Rate Memory
Memory is just as important for buffering real-time forwarding data and controller layer commands when the router works for content transmission.128MB memory is enough to accommodate the heaviest of gaming data transfers while others use the same network to watch Netflix or download big files.
Full Solid Capacitor
Solid capacitors have a higher tolerance not only for higher temperatures, but also perform better with higher frequencies and higher current than electrolytic capacitors.The Wolflink Smaug uses a full solid capacitor to ensure the stability and reliability of this 24/7 work time router.
Wirespeed Forwarding Interface.
Router interface forwarding rate will have a huge influence on the game experience. We modify the electrical board and optimize the routing forwarding engine, so the Wolflink Smaug port forwarding rate is nearly 100%.
Powered by USB plugin
Wolflink Smaug  can be powered by USB plugin and
no longer needs a dedicated charging socket.You can
easily connect it to your PS4 front panel USB interface
and start a game!
Beamforming Technology
Wolflink Smaug uses beam forming in MIMO arrays for directional signal transmission with your gaming console/PC. The gaming device will have the strongest signal and you can join the battle in your bedroom with optimal Wifi performance while the router is located in the living room.You Can Buy it From Here: 

Wolflik Smart Wifi Router
Wolflik Smart Wifi Router


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