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By ezrahidaya

For the majority of college and university students, the most dreadful thing that they have to do is write a well-researched assignment. Essay writing is an academic activity that is not emphasized in schools in most parts of the world. But when the students enter college they find it as the most important thing that they don’t know anything about. The college students for all degrees have to write research essays to prove their writing skills. In other words, time submission of a research essay is mandatory to acquire a degree and no degree is complete without it. There are many factors that make a research essay a precious piece of literature. A research essay should be appealing enough to attract the reader till its last line. In the following post, I will guide the new college students about the important parts of a research essay.

  1. Reading the Instructions Carefully

There are many college students who feel so stressed about essay writing that they ignore the list of Do’s and Don’ts that their supervisor provides for essay writing. Many times the students do not pay attention to the instructions provided by their supervisor and work really hard to write assignments. However, essays that are not written as per instruction are not acceptable. So, before writing the essay you must read all the instructions given by the teachers carefully.

  1. Understand the Assignment

Never start an essay without a proper understanding of what is expected of you. Before you start writing your assignment you must understand it and brainstorm about it from different perspectives. Proper comprehension of your assignment is the key to writing a perfect assignment. Identify the assigned topic its scope and the assignment requirements set by the supervisor. If you fail to understand a point you must seek the help of your supervisor and clarify it before starting research.

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  1. Perfect Choice of Topic

Some universities provide the students with assignment topics and others permit the students to choose what interests them. If you are given the choice of selecting a topic you must choose the one that matches your interest. It is better to select a topic about which you already have enough knowledge. You must do initial research to get to know about the availability of authentic sources of information.

  1. Conduct Thorough Research

To write a well-researched assignment you need to consult a lot of books, journals, websites, and available databases. Make detailed notes while you do research so that it is easier for you to write proper citations.

  1. Develop a Strong Thesis Statement

Create a thesis statement that is concise and clear and completely covers your main argument. Your thesis needs to be debatable and must specifically target your topic.

  1. Creation of an Outline

The key to writing a perfectly researched essay is to organize all your ideas and the information you have gathered systematically.  An expertly written outline of an essay plays a significant role in writing the body of an essay. A well-written essay is the result of a well-structured outline.

  1. Introduction

You must write a captivating introduction to your essay. Your research essay introduction must consist of a brief background information and an introduction of your thesis. It must contain a brief introduction to the topic you will be discussing in your essay. You must clearly explain briefly the importance of the topic of your thesis.

  1. Body Paragraphs

The most important part of a research essay is its body, as it is the part that contains the main material that you want to share with your reader. Mostly, each essay contains three paragraphs in which the writer has to complete his argument. Each paragraph of the essay should not be more than 150 words. You must discuss only one point of your argument in each paragraph. The complete discussion about the topic of your research including your evidence to support your argument. To make your essay impressive you must use ample amount of examples to make the material easy to understand for the reader. You must make sure that there is continuity and coherence between all three paragraphs. You must make sure that your transition from one paragraph to another is smooth.

  1. Citations and Referencing

When writing your essay you must make sure that you use the citation style that is mentioned in the requirement provided by the supervisor. The most commonly used writing styles are (MLA, APA, and Chicago). Follow the formatting style strictly and include a bibliography or a page with citations.

  1. Analysis and Critical Thinking

The best assignment writers of essay writing services in UAE always display their analytical skills by critically interpreting and evaluating the evidence. Instead of just summarizing the information try to analyze how it supports your argument.

  1. Counterarguments

You must make sure that you mention the potential counterarguments and disprove them with supportive responses. This reflects your thorough understanding of the topic and strengthens your argument.

  1. Conclusion

The last paragraph of your essay consists of a summary of your whole subject matter or thesis and should sum it up in the briefest possible way. You must not introduce a new point in the last paragraph or conclusion of your essay.

  1. Revision and Editing

One of the main steps that makes your essay perfect is a revision of the essay. It is the revision of the essay that helps you find mistakes in your essay and mark them for editing. When you review your essay you can notice grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and the wrong structure of sentences. The students hire professional writers who not only write the assignments but also do editing and proofreading. The professional essay writers make sure that your essay is coherent and clear.

Though there are many detailed steps that you need to take to make your essay perfect, if you follow the above-mentioned steps you will be able to write a perfect assignment. Sometimes you have to revise or proofread essays several times to make them perfect so must be patient when writing an essay.

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