Yoga Anywhere, Anytime: Exploring the Best Online Classes in Canada

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By arti kanwar


In a world that never seems to slow down, the quest for balance and well-being has become more crucial than ever. The rise of online yoga classes has revolutionized the way Canadians integrate mindfulness and movement into their lives. This article is a guide to exploring the best online yoga classes Canada, offering a diverse range of options for practitioners of all levels. From the comfort of your living room to the great outdoors, these classes allow you to embrace yoga anywhere, anytime.

Yoga with Adriene:

Begin the journey with the globally acclaimed “Yoga with Adriene.” Adriene Mishler’s YouTube channel has become a sanctuary for yoga enthusiasts worldwide. Based in Austin, Texas, Adriene’s approach is warm, inviting, and accessible to everyone. Her diverse range of classes caters to different needs, from quick morning energizers to soothing bedtime flows. Yoga with Adriene is not just a class; it’s a community that welcomes practitioners of all levels.

Do Yoga With Me:

For a comprehensive platform offering a plethora of classes and instructors, “Do Yoga With Me” is a Canadian gem. With a mix of free and premium content, this platform is suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis. The classes cover various styles and durations, ensuring that you can find the perfect session to fit your schedule and preferences. Discover a world of yoga with Do Yoga With Me, where the mat is your canvas.

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YYOGA at Home:

Bringing the studio experience to your doorstep, YYOGA at Home is an extension of the popular Canadian studio chain. Whether you seek an invigorating power flow or a restorative practice, YYOGA at Home offers a diverse library of on-demand classes. Led by experienced instructors, these classes bring the essence of YYOGA into your living room, providing a seamless transition from studio to screen.

Liforme Yoga:

Liforme Yoga, known for its high-quality yoga mats, has expanded its reach into the digital realm. The platform offers carefully curated classes focusing on alignment and mindfulness. If you’re someone who values attention to detail in your practice, Liforme Yoga provides an interactive and personalized online yoga experience, ensuring that you can refine your practice at your own pace.


For a subscription-based model that opens the door to a vast library of classes, look no further than MyYogaWorks. This platform caters to all levels, allowing users to choose classes based on duration, style, and specific focus areas. MyYogaWorks is an excellent choice for those who appreciate a customizable yoga experience that aligns with their individual goals and preferences.


Formerly known as YogaGlo, Glo is an online platform that extends beyond yoga, offering meditation and Pilates classes. Boasting a team of world-class instructors, Glo provides a diverse range of classes suitable for practitioners of every level. The sleek interface and customizable features make Glo a popular choice for those looking to elevate their practice and explore various facets of holistic well-being.

The House of Yoga:

Join a global yoga community with a strong Canadian presence through The House of Yoga. This platform offers a mix of live and on-demand classes, covering various yoga styles and wellness practices. Whether you’re drawn to the dynamism of vinyasa or the introspection of yin, The House of Yoga provides a virtual space for practitioners to explore and expand their yoga journey.

Shala Online:

Experience the sense of community in a virtual studio with Shala Online. This Canadian-based platform specializes in live-streamed yoga classes, allowing you to join real-time sessions led by experienced instructors. The interactive nature of Shala Online fosters a connection with fellow yogis, creating a shared space for growth and exploration in your practice.


Yogaia stands out by offering live classes with real-time instructor interaction. This interactive platform allows you to join live classes based on your schedule or explore their on-demand content. If you crave the connection of a traditional studio experience while practicing from the comfort of your home, Yogaia provides a unique and engaging online yoga journey.


Hailing from Vancouver, Movement108 brings its expertise in movement and mindfulness to the online space. Their virtual classes focus on functional movement, combining elements of yoga, mobility, and strength training. If you’re looking to integrate a variety of movement practices into your yoga journey, Movement108 offers a holistic approach to well-being.


Embarking on a journey of yoga in Canada has never been more accessible and flexible, thanks to the myriad online options available. From the renowned Yoga with Adriene to the interactive Yogaia and the functional Movement108, these platforms cater to diverse needs and preferences. The best online yoga classes in Canada enable practitioners to embrace yoga anywhere, anytime, fostering a sense of balance, mindfulness, and well-being in the midst of life’s hectic pace. So, unroll your mat, find your virtual sanctuary, and let the transformative power of yoga enrich your life.

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