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In the ever-expanding landscape of streaming services, CBS All Access has become a go-to platform for a diverse range of shows, from classic favorites to exclusive originals. If you’re wondering which series are currently making waves, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the best shows on CBS All Access right now, exploring genres that cater to various tastes.

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  1. “Star Trek: Discovery”

As a flagship series for CBS All Access, “Star Trek: Discovery” continues to boldly go where no one has gone before. With its stunning visuals, intricate storytelling, and diverse characters, this sci-fi epic is a must-watch for fans of the “Star Trek” franchise and newcomers alike.

  1. “The Good Fight”

For those seeking a legal drama with a sharp edge, “The Good Fight” stands out as one of the best offerings on CBS All Access. This spin-off of “The Good Wife” follows attorney Diane Lockhart as she navigates the challenges of a turbulent political climate, offering a compelling blend of drama and social commentary.

  1. “The Twilight Zone”

Reimagining the iconic anthology series, the modern version of “The Twilight Zone” on CBS All Access delivers thought-provoking and often chilling tales. With its blend of science fiction, fantasy, and social commentary, this series captures the spirit of the original while offering a contemporary twist.

  1. “Picard”

Returning to the “Star Trek” universe, “Picard” brings back the beloved Jean-Luc Picard, portrayed by Sir Patrick Stewart. The series explores the next chapter of Picard’s life, blending nostalgia with new adventures and introducing compelling new characters.

  1. “Why Women Kill”

From creator Marc Cherry, known for “Desperate Housewives,” comes “Why Women Kill,” an anthology series that explores the lives of three women living in different decades. With a mix of dark humor, mystery, and drama, the show weaves together stories of love, betrayal, and revenge.

  1. “The Stand”

Based on Stephen King’s epic novel, “The Stand” is a gripping post-apocalyptic tale of good versus evil. With a stellar cast and a storyline that resonates with current times, this limited series on CBS All Access is a compelling watch for fans of King’s work and newcomers alike.

  1. “Evil”

Blurring the lines between science and the supernatural, “Evil” follows a forensic psychologist, a priest-in-training, and a contractor as they investigate mysterious occurrences. This unique blend of psychological thriller and supernatural drama offers a fresh perspective on the genre.

  1. “NCIS”

As a long-running staple of CBS programming, “NCIS” continues to be a fan favorite. Following the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the series combines crime procedural elements with a tight-knit team dynamic, making it a reliable choice for those who enjoy investigative dramas.

  1. “Interrogation”

Innovating the crime drama format, “Interrogation” on CBS All Access allows viewers to choose the order in which they watch episodes, influencing the narrative experience. Based on a true story, the series explores a complex murder investigation and the impact it has on those involved.

  1. “No Activity”

Bringing humor to the crime genre, “No Activity” is a comedy series that follows the mundane conversations of two low-level police officers. With its unique approach to comedy and an impressive ensemble cast, the show offers a lighthearted take on law enforcement.

Watch CBS All Access Outside the US

While CBS All Access is primarily available to viewers in the United States, international audiences can still enjoy the platform by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to watch CBS All Access outside the US:

  • Choose a Reliable VPN:
    • Select a VPN service with servers in the United States. This ensures that you can obtain a US IP address, making it appear as though you’re accessing CBS All Access from within the country.
  • Install the VPN:
    • Follow the VPN provider’s instructions to install the VPN software on your device. Most VPNs are compatible with various platforms, including computers, smartphones, and smart TVs.
  • Connect to a US Server:
    • Launch the VPN and connect to a server located in the United States. This establishes a secure connection and assigns you a US IP address.
  • Access CBS All Access:
    • Once connected to the VPN, visit the CBS All Access website or use the CBS app. You should now have unrestricted access to the platform’s content library.
  • Enjoy Streaming:
    • Explore the best shows on CBS All Access right now from anywhere outside the US. Stream your favorite series and discover exclusive content not available in your region.

It’s important to note that using a VPN to access geo-restricted content may be subject to the terms of service of both CBS All Access and the chosen VPN provider. Ensure compliance with their policies for a seamless streaming experience.

Conclusion: Explore CBS All Access Worldwide

In conclusion, CBS All Access offers a diverse range of shows catering to various tastes, from sci-fi enthusiasts to crime drama aficionados. Whether you’re drawn to the futuristic adventures of “Star Trek: Discovery” or the thought-provoking narratives of “The Twilight Zone,” CBS All Access has something for everyone.

For viewers outside the United States, the use of a VPN provides a convenient solution to enjoy CBS All Access’s offerings from anywhere in the world. By following the outlined steps, you can unlock the platform’s extensive content library and dive into the best shows it has to offer. Check the official CBS All Access website for the latest information on shows and availability, and embark on a streaming journey that transcends geographical boundaries.


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