Brian laundries’ update

Brian laundries’ update


Brian laundrie’s who was the fiancé of Gabby petito and she is an aspiring social media star who went missing in late August during a dream cross County trip from Newyork city to National Park and she was strangled to death, and the police officials suspect Brian laundrie.

Medical examiner report regarding Brian laundrie

Brian laundrie who is the fiancé of Gabby petito and he disappeared caused a fire storm late last summer and this report was revealed by CNN on Monday. And autopsy report by the Sarasota Florida, medical examiner stated that Brian laundrie who died from a gunshot and he has a wound to the head. Brian laundrie found death and his skeletal that remains were in a thickly wooden area which was found in Sarasota County located in Carlton reserve area and this report was examined by medical examiner during the month of October. He had been under up to three feet and possibly more of water for an extended period of time duration before being located this was also the report given by the medical examiner.

Officials informed that Brian laundries’ skeleton that reminds due to extensive carnivore activity and it is such a scavenging from raccoons and rodents. And officials had prepared a detailed 47 page report recovered from the scene were Brian laundries’ who were found including with a backpack with the tent and flares. He also carried doubt a piece of paper with a Red Hat logo in which mob coffee roasters was published and he carried a wooden box that contain the small notebook and multiple photos and it has been confirmed that it was Brian laundrie and Gabby petito according to the report. Brian laundrie has been subjected of a which long Manhunt and his body was found that was informed to his family member that he was shot himself in the head and it looks like a suicide during the month of November. Brian laundrie and Gabby petito embarked across country trip during the month of June 2021 and 2 months later during the month of August they was encountered by the police in Utah.

Brian laundrie who returned to Florida alone in the September month and petito family reported her missing to the police department and later her body that was found in the month of September in Wyoming. In the mid of search for petito, Brian laundrie who invoked his fifth amendment right which means a person who cannot be forced to make statements which might be negative or used against them. The police officials at the time were speaking publicly regarding Brian laundrie and his parents to talk to them about what they new regarding the situation. And later Brian laundrie himself went out missing and his remaining were also found in the month of October.

FBI report

The boyfriend of slain who is the cross country traveler and Gabby petito who was admitted killing her in a notebook that discovered near his body in a Florida swamp. It was the first time that authorities squarely pinned the blame for Gabby petito death on Brian laundrie though he was the prime suspect of all along the people. And the investigators announced that Brian laundrie had sent a text messages intentionally to the people that petito was still alive even after when he bet and strangled her during the August month that was stated by the FBI. And all the local investigative steps have been concluded that there are no other individuals are involved in the Brian laundrie directly who involved in the tragic death of Gabby petito who was a popular Traveler in US.

What was the official statement?

Gabby petito body which was found on September 19th at camp ground near Grand Teton National Park in the North Western Wyoming. And a corner determines that she died about a three weeks earlier due to a blunt force injury in the head and neck with little manual strangulation. Brian laundrie who returned home to the Florida in early September but he went missing immediately in the October and his parents found an item that belongs to him in the nature preserve near their houses. And later their parents searched him with a revolver and a backup with the notebook and the medical examiners determined that he died with self inflicted gunshot wound. FBI reports has not been specifically show that Brian laundrie had written in the notebook and the text were sent between Brian laundrie phone and petito phone according to the statement.

Couple who were stopped by the police about a month before the issues

Grand Teton that was the last place of the couple who visited during the cross country in a trip last summer and it was ended with Brian laundrie mysterious returning home alone in the vehicle. Brian laundries’ and petito who grow up in the long island in New York but they were living in Florida in recent years. The couple who usually documented their trip on Instagram and they crossed Colorado during the month of August 12th and the couple stopped by the police and these two people who was got into scuffle. The police officials video which describes the fight between the couple and they concluded that petito was the aggressor and the officers decided to separate them for the night rather than filing the charges. And an independent report that was released last week by the police officials for not issuing a domestic violence cited to petito after he informed police that she had hit Brian laundrie first and then the report was pointed to indications to petito and was a likely in a victim in their overall relationship and finally the faulted investigators is not informing statement and the report seeing a couple outside the event and a man who slapped a girl. And ultimately it was tragic search report and who was searching for petito worldwide attention and it was emergency search since she is a social media popular person and many people discussed about the dating violence and coverage of missing women in the US was popularly spoken on those days.


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