Can I renew my driving license online in Delhi?

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The Delhi government is one of the first states in India to start the online renewal of driving licenses. The online system helps you renew your request within minutes, without hassle. If you are looking for a way to restore your driving license in Delhi, this post will help you. You will find all the required information about getting started with the renewal process and what documents you need!

Can I renew my driving license online in Delhi?
Can I renew my driving license online in Delhi?

Can Delhi’s driving license be renewed online? Online Procedure

Yes, you can renew your driving license online in Delhi.

You can renew your Delhi driving license by visiting the official website of RTO, Delhi. First, you must complete the online form 1 self-declaration for your learning license and submit it with relevant documents. After submitting all these, you will receive an e-challan via SMS or email on the successful submission of the application form. The money has to be paid at any RTO office within 30 days from the date of issuing of e-challan by visiting an RTO office with original documents (driving license) and challan payment receipt issued by themself only.

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Renewing an expired driving license

If you are an Indian citizen and have been driving for more than ten years, you must renew your license. This is mandatory because you will be required to take a new test after ten years of driving. If your license has expired and you have not renewed it yet, then the only way to do so is through the RTO office or online.

If your license has been suspended for some reason (for example: if your car was involved in an accident), then there is no need to worry as long as the court has not convicted you. This means that if you would like to drive with a new license after one year of suspension or cancellation of the old one, then all it requires is applying for renewal with the RTO office or through an online portal.

Procedure for renewing a driving License in Delhi

The procedure for renewing a driving license in Delhi is as follows:

  • You can apply online, by post or in person at any of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) offices in Delhi.
  • For use by post, you should send the application form along with the required documents to the address mentioned on it, which will be found on the website of your RTO office.
  • You can also apply via phone or SMS if you cannot visit an office personally due to reasons such as illness or disability. Still, this option is not available for minors who have been issued their first license six months before turning 18 because they need a parent present during this process due to regulations set forth by lawmakers (not ours).

form 1 self-declaration for learning license filled online

  • Form 1 Self Declaration for Learning License Fill Online: To obtain a learner’s license, you must complete the Form 1 self-declaration form and submit it at the Regional Transport Office (RTO). The process is simple and can be done quickly by anyone who knows how to operate a computer.
  • Renewing an Expired Driving License: If your license has expired, you can get it renewed by calling up the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Delhi. You have to call the helpline number given on the website of RTO or visit their office personally with all required documents so that they may issue your license.
  • Procedure for Renewing a Driving License in Delhi: While applying for renewal of driving privileges, applicants need not resubmit any documents such as passport size photographs; give them the period required by RTO staff for processing your application along with the fee payment receipt

Documents required for license renewal

If you are applying for a new driving license in Delhi, then you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Proof of identity. You can submit any one of the following valid documents:
  • Voter’s ID card (Aadhaar Card) issued by UIDAI.
  • Passport issued by MEA/ISRO/Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS).
  • PAN Card.

It is mandatory to renew your driving license within 30 days of expiration.

It is mandatory to renew your driving license within 30 days of expiration. If you fail to renew your driving license within this period, you will have to pay a fine and apply for a new one.

Driving licenses can be renewed online or at the traffic police or municipal corporation office. To restore your request online, follow these steps:

  • Go to the RTO website of Delhi (
  • Enter all the required details such as name and address along with other information that you want on the card, such as a photograph, signature etc., on the application form provided by them before proceeding further with payment options available with them currently being through credit/debit cards only due tot he convenience factor offered by these financial instruments which makes it easier for people who do not own banks accounts yet need this service immediately such as students going abroad temporarily where they cannot afford waiting time involved while submitting their documents via post mail service


The procedure is straightforward if you want to renew your driving license in Delhi. First, you must fill out a form and submit it at a nearby RTO office with the required documents.

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