Google Launch New Programming Language “Carbon” Does It Make Revolution?

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Carbon is an open and experimental general-purpose programming language created at Google to be a “C++ successor language”. It was first presented to the public by Chandler Carruth at the Cpp North conference in July of 2022.

The language intends to fix several perceived shortcomings of C++ but otherwise provide a similar feature set. The main goals of the language are readability and “bi-directional interoperability”, as opposed to using a new language like Rust. Similar to the ISO process used by C++, changes to the language will be decided by community consensus. The language is developed as a free and open-source project under the Apache License. It’s hosted on GitHub.

As We Know Google is very Obsessed with Creating Different Types OF Frameworks and New Programming Languages. And Dart was One of the Programming Languages Launched by Google and this Was Object Oriented and Web-based Programming Language.

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Some Programming Languages Didn’t Gain a huge Response Form the Programmers and they Never Gain for the Mainstream Programming Languages. Many Developers Prefer C++ and Java over Dart due to Their Stong Background

Currently Strumming Language Named “GO” Gain Quite Impressive from the Developers Reviews. it was General Programming Language that was similar to the C Programming language.  and Now Google IS all get to go to Launch a New Programming Language.

Carbon Programming Language Launch

Programming Language called “CARBON”

Recently North event 2022 was HELD AND basically, IT IS an Event where top developers come Unite to discuss the Future Development Of C++. In this event, a google Person Named Chandler Carruth Introduced the Developer To a newly Designed Programming Language called “CARBON”

The Carbon Programming Language was announced as an experimental LANGUAGE That could Be a Success for the C++ Programming Language

Chandler who is Also the Technical lead for google Programming Language Also Told US That they would be Starting This Experimental work with The C++ and Java Community.

This Carbon Launch was very Impressive in the Announcement Of the New Programming Language and was also done Comparison of Mainstream Programming Languages With Its Successors. as we all know C++ is the Main successor of An Objective c. Kotlin is a successor of Java. But Who is the successor of c++?

Its Rust? Yes, we can call rust pretty Much A successor of c++ but it’s very Hard for Users to learn and is in the very early stage of its development

With lots of Number OF Developers who are currently working in programming ln, C is all need of Modern programming Language to deal with Morden Programming Problems and we hope goggles this new programming Language “Carbon” Become the best Successor in Programming World and also very Easy Problem Solver for All world developers.


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