Fortunate Friday, Our Answer to Black Friday


While so many people were looking for deals and sales on black Friday, the women in my family were enjoying a different kind of day. On the day after Thanksgiving, a day after giving thanks for what we have and spending time with the people in our lives whom we love, the idea of black Friday is not very appealing. The idea of fighting crowds, standing in lines, and possible getting hurt only to “get a deal” does not sound like fun to us.

About seven years ago, in our family, we started our own tradition, and I have named it “Fortunate Friday.” After enjoying Thanksgiving with each other or our respective families, we come together to enjoy some girl time. Yes we shop, however we frequent craft fairs, gift shops, small book stores, and consignment shops. We not only find very unique items, we are also supporting small business and enjoying the wares and crafts of talented local artisans.

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When we see Christmas decorations that remind us of our past celebrations, it stirs up memories of those who are no longer with us and holidays we spent with them. We reminisce, we laugh, and perhaps shed a tear, but it fills us with s sense of togetherness and family. We feel fortunate.

Each year someone comes up with a new idea of how to spend the day. Last year our journey from one shop to the next took us through the countryside. We had no traffic to contend with, no crowds; for us it was a day to relax, to enjoy the scenery and to be together. This year, we supported new local shops, and of course made time for our favorite shop which always finds its way into our route.

Our group changes a little each year depending on who is available to join us. This year, my sister’s granddaughter joined us. She was home for the holiday and we were honored that she wanted to spend the day with us. We hope it will inspire her to carry on this family tradition with the next generation.

Fortunate Friday never disappoints. While we have no specific shopping plan, each of us inevitably finds something unique for someone in our lives. We always find a little something for ourselves as well. We enjoy a nice lunch together and good conversation. At the end the day, we go home with an even greater appreciation for each other and for the family ties that keep us close. For us, it is indeed “Fortunate Friday.”


Source by Linda Louise Andrews

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