How many are cast members of Schitt’s Creek related?

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Schitt’s Creek is a CBC sitcom that follows the lives of a wealthy family who suddenly loses everything and has to move to the titular town in rural Canada. It stars Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Daniel Levy, and Annie Murphy as Johnny Rose, Moira Rose, David Rose, and Alexis Rose, respectively. The series has been renewed for two more seasons with plans for another after that!

Eugene Levy

You’ve probably heard of Eugene Levy by now. He’s a Canadian actor and director with a long career in film and TV shows like Schitt’s Creek and American Pie. But you may not have realized that Eugene Levy is also the father of Daniel Levy (David Rose) and Sarah Levy (Alexis Rose).

This makes sense if you look at their family tree: Daniel’s daughter, Alexis, plays his fictional daughter on screen; Sarah plays her sister, Johnny. It also turns out that Mike Smith (Patrick Rose), who played David in seasons 1-3 before being written out for budgetary reasons, was married to Genevieve Allison (Zoey). The latter played Alexis’ best friend, Emily VanCamp until she left after season 3 due to a lack of material for her character.

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Catherine O’Hara

  • Catherine O’Hara is Eugene Levy’s sister.
  • Catherine O’Hara is married to Eugene Levy and has three children: Daniel Levy, Sarah Levy, and Georgia Stewart (who also stars on Schitt’s Creek).
  • Catherine O’Hara is Annie Murphy’s mother.

Daniel Levy

Eugene Levy’s son, Daniel Levy, is a cast member of Schitt’s Creek. He plays Noah Rose on the show.

Another family member you may recognize is Dan Levy. Dan is Eugene Levy’s son and portrays Noah in the series.

Daniel isn’t the only family member who has appeared in other works with Eugene; Daniel has had roles in many films alongside his father, including American Pie 2 and American Wedding (both 2001) and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008).

Annie Murphy

Annie Murphy is Eugene Levy’s daughter. She is also Daniel Levy’s sister, Catherine O’Hara’s niece, Sarah Levy’s cousin, and Chris Elliott’s niece.

Emily Hampshire

Emily Hampshire is married to Daniel Levy, who plays David Rose on Schitt’s Creek. Daniel is the son of Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, so Emily and her husband are related by marriage.

  • Emily Hampshire is the daughter of Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara
  • Emily Hampshire is the sister of Daniel Levy (Schitt’s Creek)
  • Emily Hampshire is the sister of Sarah Levy (Schitt’s Creek)

Noah Reid

Noah Reid is the son of Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.

Noah Reid is the son of Eugene Levy and Jennifer Robertson.

Noah Reid is the son of Daniel Levy and Sarah Levy.

Jennifer Robertson

Jennifer Robertson, who plays Alexis Rose on Schitt’s Creek, is the daughter of Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy. In addition to being a part of the show’s regular cast, she also serves as its executive producer.

Jennifer’s husband, Daniel Levy, is also a writer for the show; he has written some of its most famous episodes, including “The Understudy” and “Homecoming.” He has also directed episodes 

Sarah Levy

Sarah Levy, who plays Stevie on Schitt’s Creek, is Eugene Levy’s daughter. She is also Daniel Levy’s sister and Catherine O’Hara’s niece.

Sarah is also related to Annie Murphy (who plays town mayor Moira Rose), as well as Emily Hampshire (who plays Alexis Rose) and Noah Reid (who plays David Rose).

Chris Elliott

  • Chris Elliott is the father of Daniel Levy, the actor who plays David Rose in the show.
  • Sarah Levy, Daniel’s real-life sister, and Alexis Rose’s onscreen sister (and mother) Jocelyn Rose, play Alexis.

A lot!

The Schitt’s Creek family consists of members who are related. They are a cast but also a family. The actors on the show are related to each other, and they play fictionalized versions of themselves as members of the Schitt’s Creek family — Catherine O’Hara (Moira), Eugene Levy (David), Dan Levy (Andy), Annie Murphy (Rae), Sarah Levy (Emma) and Chris Elliott (Johnny).

Eugene Levy and Dan Levy created the show, and much like the characters in it, both have had successful careers outside their current roles as creators on Schitt’s Creek. Eugene had been acting since he was 11 years old, appearing in films such as Ghostbusters, American Pie 2, and A Mighty Wind with his father, comedian/actor Alan Arkin before landing this lead role in 1994’s Waiting for Guffman as Corky St. Clair. This part earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. His son Dan has also appeared in films alongside his dad, including Best In Show which won him an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing For A Variety Special Program Or Series alongside Jim Abrahmsen; Something About Mary; Starsky & Hutch; Back To School; Uncle Buck; North Shore; Pearl Harbor; Austin Powers: Goldmember and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp where he played Nick Jones!


If you’re a Schitt’s Creek fan and a math geek, you probably already know how many cast members are related. We hope that this list has given you some insight into the show and its cast and maybe even made you feel like you had a connection with them!

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