Twice Unveils Stunning Upgrades in their New Lightstick Version 2

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Twice Unveils Stunning Upgrades in their New Lightstick Version 2

K-pop superstars, Twice, have once again taken the music world by storm with their latest release – a revamped version of their popular lightstick. Affectionately called “Candy Bong,” the upgraded version, officially known as “Candy Bong Z,” has left fans awestruck with its stunning design and advanced features.

Twice, a nine-member girl group formed under JYP Entertainment, has not only conquered the music charts with their catchy tunes but has also amassed a massive fandom called “Once.” These passionate fans are known for their unwavering support, and the lightstick is an essential tool for showing their love during concerts and events.

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With the release of “Candy Bong Z,” Twice has taken the lightstick game to a whole new level. The sleek design features a crystal-clear body adorned with an assortment of vibrant colors that reflect Twice’s bright and cheerful image. The candy-shaped handle, which resembles a lollipop, perfectly captures the group’s sweet and fun-loving nature.

However, the eye-catching aesthetics is just one aspect of the impressive upgrades. “Candy Bong Z” boasts several advanced features that elevate the fan experience during live performances. The lightstick can now sync with the stage lighting, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of colors that perfectly complement the group’s energetic performances.

Lightstick Version 2

Additionally, built-in Bluetooth technology allows fans to sync their lightsticks with each other, creating a synchronized wave of light throughout the venue. This feature not only promotes unity among fans but also adds a sense of magic and enchantment to the concert experience.

Another notable addition to the lightstick is the inclusion of a mood lighting mode. This mode transforms the candy-shaped handle into a mini portable lamp, emitting a soft glow that can be customized to match different moods. Whether fans need a source of light during a power outage or simply want to create a cozy atmosphere, “Candy Bong Z” has got them covered.

The upgraded features of “Candy Bong Z” have undoubtedly left fans in awe and excitement. Once took to social media to express their amazement, sharing photos and videos of the mesmerizing light show during concerts. The hashtag #CandyBongZ began trending worldwide, with fans from various countries eagerly discussing and admiring the new features.

Twice’s commitment to enhancing fan experiences is commendable. The group constantly strives to connect with their fans and ensure that every aspect of their performances is memorable. The release of “Candy Bong Z” is a testament to the group’s dedication to creating a stronger bond with Once.

With the release of the upgraded lightstick, fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to use “Candy Bong Z” during concerts and other events. The synchronized wave of lights, the stunning visuals, and the ability to create a personalized mood lighting experience are all sure to enhance the already electrifying atmosphere that Twice concerts are known for.

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Twice’s “Candy Bong Z” is undeniably a game-changer in the world of K-pop lightsticks. The group continues to raise the bar with their innovation and creativity, making their concerts an unparalleled experience for fans. As their popularity continues to soar, it wouldn’t be surprising if “Candy Bong Z” becomes an iconic symbol of Twice’s global success.

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