What’s the real 9anime website?

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The 9anime website is a popular anime streaming site that has been around for years. Whether you’re looking to stream Naruto or watch Hunter x Hunter, there are plenty of awesome shows on the 9anime website! However, not all websites are created equal; some have been known as scams masquerading as legitimate sites. To help keep your information safe, we’ve outlined some ways to tell if the real 9anime website is legit or if it’s a scam designed to steal your identity or money.

The real 9anime website has a .to top-level domain. (This means the web address ends in .to)

The real 9anime website is 9anime.to. It has a .to top-level domain, meaning it’s the only 9anime website with that particular web address. Other websites are not 9anime and do not have this top-level domain; they could be from bad to malicious. So be careful when browsing online, and stick with the official one!

The website also uses Cloudflare protection.

Cloudflare is a service that protects websites from attacks. It sends all traffic through their servers and back to your site, making it harder for hackers to reach you. The downside is that Cloudflare is a paid service and can cost thousands of dollars per month for larger sites like 9Anime.

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If you’re worried about keeping your website secure, the most important thing you can do is make sure everything on it is updated regularly and kept as up-to-date as possible!

The 9anime website shows ads to make money for the website owner.

The 9anime website is a legitimate website that shows ads to make money for the website owner. Ads are shown on a legitimate website to generate revenue for the site owner to pay for hosting fees and other expenses that come with running a website like 9anime.

However, malicious websites can also be designed to show ads to make money off of you! For example, malicious websites can show adverts pretending they’re from legitimate companies (e.g., Google), but they aren’t affiliated with those companies. Instead, they’re just after your personal information so they can sell it off or steal it from you, which means bad things will happen if these malicious sites get hold of this information.

You can find advertisements on legit websites, but malicious sites are meant to spread malware or trick you into giving up personal information.

If you do see ads on 9anime, they’re probably not malicious. And even if they were, it’s not like you have to interact with them or click on them.

When you visit a website, ads are usually displayed in one of three places: the side of your browser window (in which case they might only show up when you scroll down), at the bottom of your screen (to show up when you scroll down), or as an overlay (a little box that appears on top of whatever else is going on).

Most advertising networks use cookies to serve targeted ads based on browsing activity. So if you visit two sites in rapid succession that use the same ad network and both have an ad for their latest game release on their homepage, chances are good that those will be identical too! This can sometimes feel creepy, but it’s just how modern internet marketing works—and there’s no need to worry about malicious software coming along with those ads!

Malicious websites that look like the real 9anime website try to steal user information like their email or credit card details.

Many websites try to steal user information. Some of them look exactly like the 9anime website but aren’t. These fake websites will trick you into downloading software that pretends to be from 9anime and then stealing your credit card or other personal information. When you visit a malicious website, it might ask you for your email address and password so it can send you a link to click on with instructions about how to get access to the site’s content. If you click on the link in this email, it could take you directly back onto another malicious site where even more things happen without your knowledge!

Make sure you use the 9anime website to avoid scams and malware.

In the world of online streaming, many different websites will offer you access to 9anime content. We understand that it can be difficult to know which site is the real 9anime website and which ones are scams.

To make sure you are using the real 9anime website, there are a few things you should do:

  • Avoid sites with domains ending in .to or any other top-level domains (TLDs) outside of those associated with your home country or region.
  • Avoid sites that look like the real 9anime site or have similar names as it could be a scam site trying to trick users into believing they’re using something legitimate when they aren’t!


9anime is a website that offers anime content to its customers. The anime they offer can be streamed online or downloaded to watch offline (using a video player). They also have an app available for download on iOS and Android devices, which works with Chromecast so that you can watch your favourite shows on your TV!

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